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Barcelona Chair & Ottoman

Inspired by Mies van der Rohe
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Product Story

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich elevated the chair and ottoman, creating a design that was a sculptural piece of art that served a practical function. The Barcelona Chair and Ottoman, also known as the Spanish Pavilion Chair and Ottoman, are perhaps the most well-recognized pieces in the collection. They boast supple aniline leather and handmade cushions that take 28 hours each to create. The back of the chair is curved, which is a rarely seen detail in other chairs. The two pieces are supported by curved, mirror-polished stainless steel, which creates a sturdy, flexible frame.  There are no corner seams on this reproduction - both items are encased in a full piece of leather, ensuring superiority and durability. It is time to sit back and enjoy this classic set today. 

Details & Specs

What makes the Rove Barcelona Chair & Ottoman so special?

Our Barcelona Chair & Ottoman reproduction is an extremely exclusive furniture piece, owing to the hand stitching required for the upholstery.  Both cushions are entirely hand stitched. Individual squares of leather are cut from a single hide and sewn, welted and tufted. This labor intensive process takes up to 28 hours to complete per chair and the work must be carried out by an extremely skilled pair of hands. This commitment to craftsmanship has ensured our reproduction to be at par with the original.

This premium Rove Concepts reproduction features:
  • Upholstered in 100% full grain Aniline Leather imported from Italy, the best, most expensive leather available.  Over the years we have maintained excellent relationships with our supplier and have an inexhaustible supply of leather finishes/colors.  All leather portions of the chair are made with this high grade leather, including piping and buttons.
  • PU-Injected foam cushions are wrapped with Dacron, a synthetic silk.  This results in a extremely comfortable chair with the highest level of durability. The Dacron wrap also provides the perfect amount of top visual plump to the cushion.
  • Braided thread used with Lockstitch (stitch type #301) ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting
  • The rear seat cushion edge features an angular contour cut to compliment the angle of the frame
  • Solid core, #304 grade, stainless steel frame polished to a mirror like sheen
  • The 12mm thick heavy-gauge, solid core steel used on the frame provides maximum strength with the right amount of flex
  • Top and side heavy grade Saddle Straps are riveted to the frame
  • Leather support straps are dyed for the closest match possible to the full grain upholstery for the following Modena Colors: Black, Ivory, Camel, Terracotta, Coffee, and Red.
  • Leather support straps for the following Waxy and Vintage leathers will use a similar but not identical brown shade for strap color: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Dark Tan, Tan, Balmoral Cinnamon, Milano Smoke, and NewCastle Brown. 
  • Leather support straps for following specialty leathers will use classic black straps: Palermo Olive and Palermo Grey.
  • True to original, the front corners of the seat cushion and the top corners of the back cushion have no seams. Additionally, the front corners of the ottoman are seamless as well - a key indicator of attention to detail.
  • Since the full original specifications and details are incorporated into our design, there simply is no discernable difference
Leather support strap colors:
  • Leather support straps are dyed for the closest match possible to the full grain upholstery for the following Modena Colors: Black, Ivory, Camel, Terracotta, Coffee, and Red.
  • Leather support straps for the following Waxy and Vintage leathers will use a similar but not identical brown shade for strap color: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Dark Tan, Tan, Balmoral Cinnamon, Milano Smoke, and NewCastle Brown. 
  • Leather support straps for following specialty leathers will use classic black straps: Modena Taupe, Palermo Olive and Palermo Grey.
  • Leather support straps for Siena White will use off-white straps.


This item is not an original Mies van der Rohe, nor is it manufactured by or affiliated with Knoll.

Standard Dimensions

30.5 in x 31 in x 30.5 in (Width x Depth x Height)

The Designer

Mies van der Rohe

Mies van der Rohe

The designer of one of the most prevalent and recognizable mid-century pieces, Mies van der Rohe (1886 – 1969) and his Barcelona chair have been well loved for decades. The German American visionary was a pioneer of modern architecture as well as furniture, inspiring countless buildings and reproductions during his long career. 

Famous for adhering to his favorite quotes, “Less is more” and “God is in the details,” van der Rohe was known for his use of industrial steel, glass and minimal silhouettes. It was commonly referred to as “skin and bones” architecture. This approach carried over to his products as well. The Barcelona chair series and Brno Chair are modern expressions of leather, chrome and strong structure. 

Van der Rohe was an incredibly influential man whose products are arguably at the forefront of mid-century design. 

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Customers Reviews

This is truly a well made

patricia - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
This is truly a well made version of the Barcelona Chair. The steel framing is polished and has the right flex to make it feel like you are sitting on air.

I ordered this a week and a

ben - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I ordered this a week and a half ago....it arrived in 6 business days. The set was packaged pretty securely took a good 10 minutes to unpack, the upside was nothing was damaged. This is piece finally completed my living room!

Got the chair and ottoman

mary - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Got the chair and ottoman today, this is now my husbands new favorite chair. Sooo happy I found your site.

Best reproduction hands down,

Jesse - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Best reproduction hands down, I'm glad I found your store...almost bit the bullet and bought one from nood the other day, just couldn't justify paying 1600 just for the chair. Already ordered the Tulip table from you guys too.

I'm extremely impressed by

jeremy - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I'm extremely impressed by the workmanship and material closeness to the original piece. I have compared them in personal and honestly have a hard time finding differences.

Most beautiful chair Ive

Jessica - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Most beautiful chair Ive bought! Exactly as described

I recently received my first

Justin Stuebs - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I recently received my first unit of the Barcelona Style Chair and I would like to tell you that I am very pleased with the purchase. The leather is as promised, soft and consistent in grain and color. As for the chair itself the proportions are perfect to the original piece, initially I was skeptical of the proportions/similarity to the Original Pavilion chair, however again I am impressed with the purchase.

My vintage sandstone chair

Harry - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
My vintage sandstone chair and ottomon great, the leather is exactly what I expected and the cushions are firm and comfortable. If they had come a little sooner this would have been a five star review (it took 9 weeks or so to get here). That being said, I still highly recommend Rove Concepts and have to my friends. I am definitely going to buy more from them in the future.

Ordered a Barcelona-style

Ian - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
Ordered a Barcelona-style ottoman. It arrived within the week, well packed. Quality of the leather was good, with the details as advertised (size of buttons, one piece corners, leather straps). Very cool!

We've ordered several

Jerry Scott - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
We've ordered several products on Rove Concepts and are very satisfied with both the products and the service. Products: good quality and they look very good (as on the website). Service: products were delivered within the estimated delivery time and the company who delivered the products called me one day before delivery to arrange delivery time. I'll recommend Rove Concepts to my friends and family and will order more products in the future.

We are currently living in

Angela.B - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
We are currently living in New York and have set our eyes on Barcelona chairs but did not wanted to go with traditional black or white but more of the brown /camel colour. From the beginning and initial phone call I was sure that we will be happy with our purchase. I placed the order over the phone and the sales assistant Matthew took time and great care that we will get the colour we are looking for. We were given estimated time of the delivery and he took upon himself to find us a shipper for us to receive it in New York. The quote given was excellent and we gave him a go ahead. The chairs arrived to New York within the estimated time. They were superb and exactly what we wanted. They are taking a prime space in our living room. Now I set my eyes to some other items and am looking forward getting them too. I also recommended the shop to a lot of friends and family members. I can see that purchasing online could be risky with damages and some people are having issues with the tables breaking from the shippers. I can vouch their upholstery pieces are second to none though and mine came in perfect condition packaged very nicely!

I have been looking for a

Jeannie Parker - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I have been looking for a Barcelona chair for a long time but was unwilling to spend over one thousand dollars. I visited Rove Concepts and was floored by the quality of what they had to offer, the leather is rich looking and the simple lines fit any decor. I was so impressed that I ended up paying over a 1000 bucks, after all the quality is very well worth it. Overall, I am very happy with this chair.

Local customer here and have

Amy Pawlak - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
Local customer here and have seen just about their entire collection in their showroom ( can confirm they are the same pieces as their website pictures ). I did not need to have my order shipped so there were no damages to note. I ordered 2 Barcelona chairs in matching new castle brown and a flag halyard chair. I am very happy with all of the items in terms of quality. They did say it would take up to 14 weeks for this custom order but I was able to pick them up from their warehouse on the 12th week. Overall I am a Fan! so 4 stars. If they can work on a quicker lead time I would have given a 5

wonderful set at a reasonable price.

ColeJackson - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I ordered two sets of the Barcelona style chair with ottoman and could not be happier with my purchase. The quality of materials used appears to be very good, as such I've received numerous compliments on them from friends and family. Well worth the price paid.