Our Vision

Rove Concepts began as a vision of a world where iconic reproductions are accessible, accurate and stayed true to the original intentions of the designer. This vision has carried us to this day.

We are the solution to a common problem that many people faced. Our founder was decorating his home when he realized that all the pieces he loved were too expensive or poorly made. He quickly realized that this challenge had to be overcome, inspiring him to craft high quality, affordable reproductions. This is the answer that he and other design fans were looking for. Rove Concepts has continued this tradition of providing classic pieces for design connoisseurs ever since.

You are Unique

We see that every person and every room is different, which is why we never treat you or your pieces like just another number. Your personal tastes and sophisticated palette are the reason why we offer customization and a wide range of materials. You deserve furniture and a space that is perfect for you.

You are Environmentally Conscious

The environment matters to all of us, which is why we source sustainability for you. For example, we use First and Seconds (FAS) American timber that was harvested in a way that supports wildlife protection and the local community. We are guided by your environmental awareness.

You Know What You Want

Rove Concepts may have begun to help our founder but it continues to be so successful because our vision of iconic, accessible reproductions gives you what you desire - style, craftsmanship and value in the form of beautiful furniture design. 

Our Facilities

Old world craftsmanship, new world technology. Rove Concepts took the best from each to create our twice-tested furniture just for you.

Our Facility

Hand stitching is matched with #304 stainless steel and ancient Carrara marble is balanced by tightly regulated quality control. Our exclusive manufacturing facilities even have the original pieces displayed to maintain the look, dimensions and feel of our products. Your high standards will not be disappointed by our high-end production and exceptional results.

Our Facilities


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