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Product Story

The Rove Lounge Chair and Ottoman is one of the most famous mid-century modern pieces. Its form and function make it a sought-after piece in demand since its introduction. An undeniable classic, the design can be found in popular films, television shows, businesses and in thousands of residences across the world. Inspired by the familiarity and comfort of an old baseball mitt, the husband and wife team of Charles and Ray created a style icon. It led to the creation of the Rove Lounge Chair and Ottoman, featuring 100% genuine Italian aniline leather, high density cushions and imported veneers. Whether you are inspired by Mad Men or are looking to outfit your sleek modern space, the Rove Lounge Chair is the right choice for you.




Details & Specs


What makes the Rove Lounge Chair so special?

Made from full grain Italian aniline leather, this premium Rove Lounge Chair is the crème de la cream of the crop when it comes to chairs that are stylish as well as comfortable. Italian Aniline leather is incredibly supple, and develops a beautiful patina and softness over time. This makes this lounge chair a beautiful investment for your home or office anytime, knowing it will perform wonderfully and look beautiful as time goes on.

See more details on Rove's engineered rubber shock mounts.

This premium Rove Concepts reproduction features:
  • Upholstered in 100% full grain Aniline Leather imported from Italy.  Over the years we have maintained excellent relationships with our supplier and have an inexhaustible supply of leather finishes/colors.  All parts of the chair are made with the same leather grade including piping and buttons.
  • Braided thread used with Lockstitch (stitch type #301) ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting
  • Wooden Veneer is First and Second grade American Timber.  FAS boards are certified to be only the best cuts from the log and produce the least amount of knots.  These are sourced exclusively from USA, Canadian and Brazilian companies.
  • True to the original, the veneer features 7 ply's of cross-grained engineered wood and is Kiln dry stabilized to prevent any sort of warping or cracking.
  • Wood is finished with a final application of Italian Lacquer.  This protects the wood and gives it the most natural look possible, ensuring the color will not fade over time.  A total of 4 coats are applied.
  • PU-Injected foam cushions are wrapped with Dacron, a synthetic silk.  This results in a extremely comfortable chair with the highest level of durability.
  • Cushions are removable as per the original design
  • Rubber Shock Mount plating underneath the arm connects the back and base of the chair allowing for flex.  The wrong shock mounts used will compromise the comfort of this design.
  • Standard Herman Miller-style cast base and back braces comes in powder-coated black with a high polish bright aluminum trim.
  • Chair features 360 degree swivel
  • Since the full original specifications and details are incorporated into our design, there simply is no discernable difference in the quality between the authentic chairs and our lounger.

This item is not an original Charles & Ray Eames Lounge chair, nor is it manufactured by or affiliated with Herman Miller.

Standard Dimensions

33 in x 34.25 in x 32 in (Width x Depth x Height)

The Designer

Charles and Ray

Charles and Ray

Charles (1907-1978) and Bernice “Ray” (1912-1988) were an American husband and wife team who changed furniture design and architecture during the 20th century. They also contributed to industrial and graphic design, film and fine arts. 

They were vital in popularizing new materials and techniques for crafting furniture, such as using molded plywood, fiberglass, plastic resin and wire mesh. They are most famous for their chairs, such as their Lounge Chair and Ottoman, DSW and line of office chairs. 

While their work was largely attributed to Charles during their lifespan, it is now acknowledged that Charles and Ray worked together equally. 

Any item featured on this website is not an original Charles & Ray Eames product, nor is it manufactured by or affiliated with Herman Miller.

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Customers Reviews

This Eames style Lounge Chair

Almaz - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
This Eames style Lounge Chair & Ottoman is a timeless classic.  Couldn't afford one until now :D

Excellent back support from

Cam Scott - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
Excellent back support from this beautiful eames chair. It looks as good as it is comfortable to sit in! Wood finishing around the cushions is fantastic.

Ive had my eyes on this bad

Dennis - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Ive had my eyes on this bad boy for awhile, I walked right into their sample room and saw/sat on it in person. These guys gave me alot of information and showed me another reproduction from another company, the quality is night and day. I really urge anyone in the Vancouver area to visit them to take a look yourself.

Hey the chair arrived

Vanessa - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Hey the chair arrived yesterday. I Love, love , love this chair!!! One downside, my boyfriend and I are now fighting more over who gets to sit on the chair.

Thanks for the quick replies

Brad - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
Thanks for the quick replies and delivery, received this today from fedex and am extremely happy with the quality. If anyone is on the fence about buying one this is the best that Ive seen and sat on!

Dear Rove Concepts, I have

MTV - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Dear Rove Concepts, I have done a huge amount of research with buying this particular Eames chair. I am a first time buyer - I was very skeptical about buying such a big-ticket item over the Internet. I did my research and I decided to buy through ROVE CONCEPTS – I phoned them and they were very pleasant and informative with my concerns and the product. I made the decision to purchased the Eames chair through ROVE CONCEPTS and I was THRILLED that I did. The chair has arrived and it is a beautiful chair with the quality that Rove Concepts promised. I without a doubt will do business with Rove concepts again in a minute – thank-you Rove Concepts for your exceptional service and exceptional products.

Wonderful products! I bought

LizTsanger - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Wonderful products! I bought two of these loungers and they look lovely in my apartment and are so comfy. The guys I talk to on the phone were so nice too, they answered all of my questions and new everything. 5 out of 5!

I've had the chair (purchased

Scott Marquis - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I've had the chair (purchased from Rove Concepts) for a couple of months now. I love sitting in it. It feels like a well worn baseball glove, just as the designer intended. I have a friend with a bad back who enjoys sitting in it when she comes over, it gives her quite a bit of relief. I myself, am a heavy person and so far the chair is holding up flawlessly. I am now considering ordering a second chair.

Based on the other reviews,

NM - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
Based on the other reviews, and my experience, it seems this company is growing a little faster than it can manage - they seriously need to invest in better logistics before they alienate too many custies. That being said, the chairs I received (Eames lounge/executive aluminum), are excellent quality/value. I live within walking distance from DWR and Room & Board, so I got myself quite familiar with the Herman Miller versions, and I really can't notice the difference. Great value here - it's obvious that the vast majority of the difference between the $1,700 they charge here and the $4,500 at HM all drops straight to the profit margin for the latter. My shipping experience was more of an annoyance rather than the medieval torture others seemed to have experience. I ordered the chairs in August, and then they were supposed to show 9/25. I got a call from the shippers that said they could not deliver on that date. I did not get an updated ship date, so a week later I called RC. They basically said the shippers had gone haywire and someone else would be delivering it. One of the RC CSRs was kind enough to deal with calling the shippers on a daily basis, and I got my stuff in the beginning of October. Bottom line for me is, I would order from them again, with the caveat that I would lower my expectations for ship time.

I ordered an Eames Lounge

R.W - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
I ordered an Eames Lounge Chair from Rove and am thrilled with the results. The build quality appears to be very high (I just received it this week, so I can't comment on it fully). The leather is fantastic and the tilt is perfect. My only (very slight) concern is that the chair is more firm than I expected. It was more firm than the DWR chair that I tested. However, (1) I'm hoping this will become less firm with time (that DWR chair has been sat in thousands of times), and (2) the firmness actually makes it very comfortable to read without lower back pain. I was skeptical ordering from Rove because I couldn't find many reviews online (outside of their website), but their product is the real deal. Extremely happy with my purchase and would gladly order again. I will try to update this review after a few months of use.

Loved the Eames Lounge Chair

Taylor - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Loved the Eames Lounge Chair ever since I was a kid, there are so much junk out there for reproductions! I finally stumbled upon these guys on google and lucky me they are located here in Vancouver BC! Their website was extremely informative so I decided to check it out first hand. You can tell the guys there are very passionate about their reproductions and really take pride in their quality. I inspected the chair closely and it was impressive. Just a couple weeks before I was able to see and sit on the real thing at EQ3 so I knew what to look for. They also showcased some of their luxurious vintage leathers, originally I was looking to go with the classic black but have now placed my custom order for their distressed chestnut. I will update my review again upon receiving!

I was lucky enough to see

Reiko M - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I was lucky enough to see this chair in Vancouver during our visit to Whistler. I have sat on the original and infact visited a herman miller dealer here to do some first hand comparison. The Rove chair is so far above and beyond any reproduction I have seen. I recommend anyone in Vancouver to see and sit on the chair in person. There are so many things that you can't see on the internet. They showed me all the parts that were used in building the chair, these are the same parts used by Herman Miller today. The price is not cheap but you really do get what you pay for and truthfully there is no difference in terms of build quality and materials between Rove and the licensed version.

This chair was my second

gdunsmoor - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
This chair was my second purchase from Rove. I previously bought the Knoll sofa. Both pieces were flawless. Specifically to the chair though, everything you'd want to be there when purchasing an Eames reproduction is there. The tufting in the cushions, the thinner armrests, the sturdiness and confidence when you plop into it, all there. The veneer looks and feels wonderful. EVERYTHING feels right. I've only had it a week and feel like it will last thousands more. I bought a separate repro a year earlier and while it was nice it wasn't perfect. I'm not much to write on-line reviews, I hardly even leave feedback on my E-bay purchases. I felt compelled to right a review though as this company has done it right. I've even thought to do a comparison video between my two loungers because none seem readily available. But like I said, I'm not much for internet reviews so this post will suffice for now. Props to the staff of Rove, I'm saving paper for the PK31 now. -Greg

Received this today and set

Samir - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Received this today and set it up. Seems very high quality, the leather feels amazing. I went with the Modena black because I liked the bigger grain over the Sienna. I think it was a right decision. Delivery was good, item came very well packed. Shipping time was long, but I don't really blame that on Rove. Ultimately, I love the chair, I'd definitely order again from Rove.

Excellent, amazing chair!

samirxjain - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
Purchased this chair over 6 months ago. They stated it would take 13 weeks, but ended up getting delivered closer to 9 weeks. The quality is amazing. It's VERY close to the real thing, it would really take someone that knows the ins and outs of the original Eames to know that it's a reproduction. It's just slightly less comfortable than the real thing, but not bad at all. It's my favorite chair (the wife and i fight over it all the time :) ). Buy this chair for its VERY true to detail form, but also because of it's high quality.

Great for long laptop sessions

ryanpc - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
When I need to use my laptop for extended periods, I like to have my feet up. I have a good desk chair, but it's uncomfortable unless you are sitting with your thighs level. Couches and plush chairs don't provide enough support: too squishy. This chair is perfect for extended hours on the laptop. It supports the back well if you sit up, or you can scrunch down to rest your head. The padding is firm enough to provide support while still being comfortable. On days I work from home, I might spend six hours in it. The default wood and leather option look beautiful and fit in well to a lot of decors. The matte finish on the leather avoids it "popping" out too much in the room.


Kevin G - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
Having stumbled onto the Rove Concepts website, I was amazed at the great product selection that they had. It was pretty much everything I needed to fill my new flat! The products are great especially the Eames Lounge Chair I received, and the customer service is better. I am defiantly going to be telling all my friends about them. Thank you.

My Eames lounge chair came on

Samantha H - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
My Eames lounge chair came on the 12th week and I was notified every step of the way. The only hiccup with the whole shipping experience is they do not offer white glove to Canadians, this means you will have to unpack and dispose of the big box yourself. It wasn't too big of a deal for me as I live in a condo so I just flattened everything and tossed it into the large bin. Upon first look at the chair and my first sit down, you could quickly tell this chair was crafted with care and exudes quality. From feeling the buttery leather as I sat down to the chair springing back as my body sank into it. This was exactly what I was looking for in a reproduction. The box came with a couple care cards and white glove as well which was nice and shows you how to clean the leather.

love this chair

johntpfr - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I'm sitting and watching the 2014 NFC Championship game in my Rove Eames reproduction chair... And I just felt compelled to write in this review. This chair is everything it was advertised as: a well-made and affordable reproduction of an iconic lounge chair. I'm not an expert in the original, but I can't imagine the quality being any better than this. Steel, wood and leathers...all top shelf. Solid and beautifully made, delivered on time and well packaged. Seriously, the leather is "like butter" Note, from a comfort perspective, chairs of this design sit you up very straight. It's like a 90 angle between the seat and back. Also the back doesn't rise as high as you might be picturing. The back is only shoulder-high. I.e. That's not a headrest your looking at in the pictures. But, stick a good lumbar bolster behind your back, scootch down a bit, and you can be as slouchy comfortable in front of the game as I am right now. Thanks Rove!

Our Eames Lounge Chairs

carolevincent120 - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
We had been hoping to own two of these lounge chairs (his & hers) for the longest time and even more so, since building our dream country home with large windows overlooking the lake. We couldn't face the cost of owning two originals, but were concerned about having to compromise on quality. Over the course of a couple of years, we shopped around for good copies in Montreal stores, had eventually tried out originals, browsed different options on the internet and were increasingly nervous about purchasing online. We eventually came across the Rove Concepts site, which we found quite informative about what to look for. After a few conversations with Melanie, we finally decided to make our purchase on Sept. 3 and hoped for the best, as our chairs would travel across Canada. Our beautiful Siena black leather/Rosewood Palisander chairs were delivered on Dec. 23, just in time for Christmas and we could not be happier with them. The quality is indisputably outstanding and we are quite convinced they could be mistaken for originals. Thank you for your patience, Melanie, as you answered all our questions and followed up on our delivery dates. Thank you, Rove Concepts, for delivering on all counts and making this purchase possible. We are absolutely thrilled!

Great build

alexmack - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I was very happy with the quality of this chair. I bought ours in Siena white w/ a rosewood backing. The chair feels fantastic and looks even better... although I spend more time looking at in than sitting as I'm fair too nervous about being the first to stain it! I would recommend rove concepts reproduction to anyone in the market!

Eames Lounge Chair

Sandie McCann - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
The chair is a dream to sit in, beautifully made and gorgeous to look at. Thank you for the careful packing, delivery could not have been smoother. I am confident we will enjoy this chair for years to come!


jasangrey - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I received my chair and ottoman this weekend. The box the pieces came in was HUGE and the items were packed so well without any damage or scratching. It was relatively easy to unpack. The chair and ottoman are gorgeous. They really are pretty indistinguishable from the originals. SO comfortable!

Eames lounge chair

1sungerdds - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I am a retired cabinet maker living in San Francisco. I received a Rove Eames lounge pallisander rosewood/Modena black on 2/9/16. I have visited the Design Within Reach showroom here twice and sat in 2 of their Herman Miller Eames original lounge chairs. The Rove chair sits, feels, flexes exactly like the Miller Eames'. The comfort level in both chairs is excellent. Workmanship is also identical, incredible attention to details. The Miller chair was pallisander rosewood with their entry level semi-aniline leather with a protective top coat for $4,700. The leather on my Rove is also semi-aniline, top coat but of much nicer quality, softer, and looks totally natural whereas the Miller looked slightly artificial. The other Miller chair, pallisander/full aniline no top coat went for $6,900 and looked very similar to the Rove Palermo leather which I have a sample of. I had a bad experience with another leather couch, full aniline no top coat which faded in sunlight and easily stained, so I ruled out the Palermo leather even though it is slightly more supple. Bottom line- the Rove Eames lounge chair is identical to the Herman Miller original with the Modena leather being preferable to the Miller entry level leather. This is a savings of $2,900 or 38% of the Miller. Chair arrived 8 days after ordering in perfect shape.