Emily's Picks

Inspired by Californian deserts and mid-century modernism, this look is all about parred-down minimalism and natural design.


"I like to dress my home like I dress myself - ideally, balancing new with old and style with comfort. The CH25 Chair is easily one of my favorite pieces from Rove Classics because it's like that stylish old wool sweater that's subtle, yet full of character. The paper cord seat is not something you see every day because realistically it's not practical when it comes to keeping it from stains. But I love it because it feels immediately worn in and the handwoven texture is pretty enough to disregard that little detail.



The Andrej Sideboard is like my blue jeans: foundationally functional with a bit of tapered design. Andrej is super dependable and won't vanish from style anytime soon. Freja is like my slightly punchy pair of shoes with a bit of eclectic taste. In particular, the Freja Rug reminds me of a free spirit personality, which is good for my tendency towards over-simplicity. The modern metal planter is a solid base to carry my most prized possessions. Cacti are the best because they don't die easily." 


Emily is a Copywriter at Rove Concepts. 


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