The Best Materials



Details define us. That is why we take such care in the quality and use of our materials. From the initial sourcing to the last stitch, our products and their components are treated with respect. We only use small batch techniques on handpicked upholstery, veneers and steel. This approach allows us to meet the highest standards for craftsmanship and luxury. Keep reading to see how our materials allow us to preserve the integrity of classic original designs and new innovation through modern materials.

If you’d like to feel the quality of our materials for yourself, request our free swatch package for samples. 





Italian Leather

Half a day, 12 hours, 48 coffee breaks or 360 commercial breaks. It is how long we spend just saturating our leather with rich color, a process that defines genuine aniline leather. Chosen from the top 5% of all leathers and sourced from Italy, it is breathable with no synthetic coating. Applied with a special oil blend to achieve Vintage, Waxy and Classic finishes, the material will develop a natural patina over time, making every piece unique.






These fabrics are definitely something to write home about. There is nothing like them on the market, from the variety of Camira Tweed, the durability of boucle wool or the luxuriousness of cashmere wool. Camira Tweed is the most dynamic upholstery type, ranging from a felted texture to a rugged pile. With your choice of colors and patterns, it is available in a hemp-wool blend or 100% pure new wool. Our Danish-inspired boucle wool is created by looping small circles of choice wool fibers. Extremely durable, it is crafted to maintain its strength for everyday and commercial use. Premium Cashmere has a 200 year old history as a luxury fabric. Sumptuous and warm, it is saturated with a rich dye and painstakingly woven into the material.





Hard Surfaces

Our choice for hard surfaces is equally important to the quality of our products. After all, what would a chair or table be without something to hold them up? Our tested marbles, fiberglass shells, plastic, veneers and stainless steel are the strongest available in the industry. We hand pick our sources based on sustainability and quality, leading us to choose materials from the best locations in Italy and North America. We are proud to use these materials when crafting our furniture.



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