One Table, Two Looks

The concept of dining is about more than just what to eat. It’s about how to eat; how we create inspiring spaces to be in that allow us to enjoy what we’ve been blessed to have with us. By creating an atmosphere that’s beautiful and comforting, we can allow ourselves to fully relax and focus on the fare that really matters.

Designing a space that provides the ideal atmosphere for dining is not always easy. With no expert knowledge or knowing where to start, the process can be as daunting as the first attempt to cook. But once you’ve mastered the basics, everything becomes easier and much more natural for the doer and her company.

Begin with a foundation that speaks to the style that you’re after. This will create a good basis to work from. In our case, we love the Marcus Dining Table for its versatility derived from its simplicity in color and form. White and wood are classic colors inspired by traditional Scandinavian style and is known for its ability to match seamlessly with other colors, or alternatively hold independently on its own. With this, you can choose to style it with colorful mid-century dining chairs, like the Eames Style DSW Plastic Side Chairs, or keep it sleek and natural with pieces like the modern Hay Chair, Hal Chair, or Starck-inspired Masters Chair. The straightforward form of the table leaves ample room to be creative with mixing shapes and frames from a variety of designs; with one table, you can create two completely unique looks. 





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