Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Chair was designed by none other than Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. Wegner’s most classic chair is a rare combination of natural design and practicality, with fluid lines and minimalist style. The graceful Y-back, smooth frame and intricate woven seat represent the prominent features of the Organic Functionalism movement of the time. While most replicas take shortcuts on the features that make the original what it is, the Rove Classics reproduction is faithfully recreated in honor of Wegner and his principles for great design. 





Y-shaped Back

The Wishbone Chair, also referred to as the “Y”, is well-known for its notable y-shaped back rest. This piece is usually finger-jointed to the curved back on lower quality reproductions. A faithful reproduction will follow Wegner’s unique design to create a seamless finish. The result is an elegant and airy alternative to the typical solid frame reflecting Wegner’s expert background in craftsmanship and carpentry.





Curved Back and Arm Rest

Hans Wegner possessed a deep knowledge of wood work and was interested in new techniques during the mid-century. The same application of steam-bent solid wood used by Wegner creates the flawless  and smooth curvature of the single back- and arm-rest in this premium reproduction of the classic Wishbone Chair.





Woven Papercord Seat

Papercord was a substitute for jute developed during WWII, and acted as a suitable material for the woven seat design of the original Wishbone Chair. This premium reproduction features the same durable handwoven seat as the chair made in 1949.




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