Womb Chair

The Womb Chair Reproduction is an iconic recreation of Eero Saarinen’s representation of the movement for organic modernism that arose during the mid-century. Its notable sweeping curvatures are the product of accurately shaped fiberglass and foam molding beneath luxurious wool upholstery. This immaculate replica is faithful to the original design using the same quality materials and craftsmanship as Saarinen himself.





Fiber Glass Shell

Like the original design, the Rove Womb Chair Reproduction features a curvature-true fiberglass shell. The single-form, effortless shape of the frame is usually the most difficult piece to replicate, and lower-end reproductions can drastically change the shape and cradle of the chair.





Stainless steel base

The chair is supported by a solid core #304 stainless steel base. Polished to a mirror-like sheen and elegantly tapered for a slim effortless aesthetic, this heavy duty product is both durable and beautiful as a centerpiece in your home.






High-density, PU-injected foam wrapped in Dacron silk provides smoothly shaped contouring and cushion platform resiliance. Detailed hand-stitching using braided lockstitch throughout the entire piece demonstrates the finer details of the Rove Womb Chair Reproduction.  


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