Dinner Party 101

In the heart of the holiday season, the parties go on. With endless hosting through to the New Year, keeping it simple will offer that effortless pulled together look with room to change it up from Friday’s casual affair to Saturday night’s final countdown. Watch our video and scroll to the bottom to get this look. 






The Minimalist Dining Table

The Lars Dining Table’s pure white top is the most ideal foundation to build a party around. It’s smooth, clean surface is easy to clean for any mess you and your guests will conjure up. This modern table also plays nice with an array of décor options from a simple centerpiece to an extravagant buffet, catering to each dinner party of the week.






Character Chairs

Even the casual parties that serve wandering hors d’oeuvres or just cocktails all night require a few places for guests to rest their bottoms on. We love the look of our walnut finished Wishbone Chairs with the natural cord seating matched with the Nordic Hal Chairs. Mix and matching makes it easy to change things up.







The Trusty Sideboard

The Lucas Sideboard offers great height and the much needed table space. There’s also plenty of room for storage in the three drawers and behind the cabinet doors of this spacious sidekick. We particularly admire the modern Nordic neutrality arriving from the classic white and wood of this simple Scandinavian sideboard.







Table Accessories and Décor

When everything else stays the same, it’s the little things that matter most. Dinner and serving ware, like the minimalist dining table, are great pieces to go neutral with. These grey ceramic plates and wood boards work all year long. Instead, invest for the holidays on the accents that can transform a scene. Copper candles and copper mugs are a stylish small addition that can bring mounds of character. Choose festive foods, like these gold flaked tartlets from Vancouver’s Beaucoup Bakery. And consider partnering with local florists for your centerpieces. They can cater to your specific party theme, choosing colors and foliage that works with your existing décor.






1. Ceramic Plate  2. Rubberwood Cheeseboard  3. Copper Candle  4. Ceramic and Wood Bowl  5. Marble Candle Holder  6. Lars Dining Table  7. Hal Chair  8. Wishbone Chair  Not Showing - Lucas Sideboard





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