Spiced Cider

This holiday season, surprise your guests with something special. Enjoy our cold spiced apple cider, recipe courtesy of in-house designer, Amanda A. Here's a little preview: 






Our cold spiced apple cider is a refreshing alternative to the traditionally warm beverages around the holidays, as this one is best served chilled. The spicy brew of natural spices keep the spirit alive. Let us know what you think of our simple recipe!






1 bottle of apple cider or sparkling apple juice
1 thumb sized piece of ginger
4 cinnamon sticks*
Pinch of clove buds
Handful of pomegranate seeds*
Handful of blackberries*
* + More for garnish




Thinly slice the ginger. Add the cider, spices and fruit into an air-tight container. Cover and refrigerate for 6+ hours to allow for the flavors to combine.
When it comes time to serve, garnish glasses with a cinnamon stick, pomegranate seeds, and blackberries. Pour the cider and enjoy!




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