Winter Preparations


The Farmer’s Almanac is officially out and we can look forward to an overall “normal” winter in the United States and Canada this year. If you’re one for snow peaked mountains and layering up for the winter, then this is the season you’ve been waiting for.


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The Almanac forecasts a typical cold winter season, especially in the eastern and central part of the continent. These areas will see above-normal precipitation while the western third will be cooled by a dryer spell than last year. “This is not to say that there won’t be occasional bouts of heavy precipitation sweeping in from the Pacific, or shots of cold air pushing south through western Canada (because what’s winter without those?), but these should be balanced out by spells of dry and mild weather,” notes the Almanac. The south along the Gulf Coast will see above-average precipitation and below normal winter temperatures. The northeast will see snowier-than-normal conditions. Rejoice, and get ready for winter.


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Getting ready for the winter at home can mean many things, but when it comes down to the basics, it’s about finding that touch of warmth amidst the cold season. Comfort, safety, belonging, loving, and laughing – these are all feelings that tie into what makes a place homey during the winter. Whether it's getting together with friends or carving out alone time, make time to get ready for winter. Here are 5 activities to get ready for winter:



1. Bake cookies  -  Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked cookies. Invite friends over for Swedish fika,  plan a baking party or a host a cookie swap. Either way, cookies have a way of bringing people closer together.


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2. Host a dinner party  -  Learn how to cook a new dish and share in the company of good people, good wine, and good food. Dinner parties breed laughter and joy, filling tummies physically and spiritually.


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3. Go ice skating  -  Teach or be taught, ice skating has a natural romance to the classic winter activity. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city where lakes freeze over, don’t miss this magical opportunity because there’s nothing like skating outdoors.


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4. Invest in a good bed  -  When it’s dark and cold, the best place to be in the world is often your bed. Make sure it’s one that can get through the entire winter, and beyond. An upholstered bed is a sure way to go.  


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5. Read a book  -  It’s the perfect means to get inspired or get away. Happy winter! 

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