A year in review

This was a year of many changes. From people and products to new places, we conquered it all. Here's a nice little video our creative team put together that sums it up nicely







We opened doors to new areas and opportunities. Our beloved Sales Manager moved back to the UK, but in exchange, we gained 6 new sales staff. We also grew our in-house creative team and added our very first fellow to Human Resources.


With the addition of 4 new creatives, we were able to launch Shop the Look, an inspiration series filmed on location at our studio in Vancouver, BC. In our first year, we managed to pump out 20 look books. 


In the Fall, we introduced a new collection that included a new custom sofa line and then a winter bedroom collection that added 12 bedroom pieces. Our grand total new products this year was 31, not counting custom options which would bring us into the hundreds.  

It's been another amazing year at Rove Concepts, thanks to everyone including our partners and valuable customers! The new year will surely see many new things to come ⭐


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