Summer Hygge

It may sound silly, but there is such a thing as being the happiest. Measured by the United Nations each year in a special World Happiness Report, we discover which countries are living most well, and why. There is an extensive essay published each year, but in summary, as some of the happiest folks indicate, well-being seems to be a result of this Danish thing called Hygge.



(Photo credit: My Scandinavian Home)



What is Hygge? Hard to explain, but even harder to pronounce, Hygge, pronounced 'hooga', is most translatable to the English definition for coziness. The Danes, along with Scandinavian and Nordic neighbors, look towards Hygge as a recipe for a healthier and happier life. Having dinner with friends on a winter's night, gathering around the fireplace with family during the holidays, or enjoying a candlelight dinner with a loved one are all examples of Hygge. But, winter aside, how can we create Hygge for summer? 



(Photo credit: The Fresh Exchange)



Unpacking the term, Hygge is really about taking the time to enjoy the simple and good things in life. With sun about, and friends around, creating Hygge for summer is definitely something we can all strive for every day. Here are some ideas on how to create Hygge for summer: 


+ Dine outside. Host a barbeque, picnic or garden party in your own backyard. There's nothing that spells happiness more than good weather, good friends, and good food!


+ Treat yourself to fresh flowers. Bathe in bright beautiful colors and the vibrant scents of summer. A fanciful bouquet always makes my day. 


+ Decorate with comfortable, bright and inspiring furniture. There's nothing more perfect than a perfect home to unwind in. Renovate your home or simply refresh with a mid-century modern home makeover. Look for inviting furniture that will last for years to come. Check out our Shop the Look for inspiration. 




(Photo credit: Rove Concepts)



+ Have a drink on the rooftop. Step upstairs to the communal patio in your friend's apartment and bring your own wine, or enjoy the view at one of the city's best rooftop bars. 


+ Go to a festival. Escape the city for a little bit; dress up and dance with friends in a sea of tunes. Summer is festival season and it's the perfect time to enjoy. 



With Hygge comes happiness. Happy Hygge-ing!

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