Amanda's Picks

"I picked these items imagining to use them as a sort of convertible workstation; I am an artist/designer so I tend to spend a lot of time at my desk. The Marcus Dining Table makes a great minimalist surface that can extend for larger projects which make it really great for my small apartment. Also, the design is really simple and timeless and I appreciate the eco-friendly features of its construction. 





I am a fan of non-traditional ideas and abstraction. I like the idea of using a bench as a seat, instead of a typical wheeled office chair - that's why I chose the Matti Bench. The Matti Bench is easy enough to tuck it under the table if I want to stand and work. I often have many projects going on at once, so I find using a bench as a seat to be pretty helpful and good for encouraging movement and creative thinking.


The final piece I picked was the Beau Table Lamp. I live in Vancouver, and I am always working, so having a table lamp is a must since it's dark most of the time. Beau's simple, unassuming design matches my aesthetic and I appreciate it's functionality."




Amanda is a Graphic Designer at Rove Concepts.

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