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Materials of Handmade Rugs

Our modern rugs are designed with care, passion and tradition. After learning about the meticulous craftsmanship of handmade rugs, here's a little bit more information about our materials. After all, the modern home is not just about beautiful design, but functionality, comfort and durability, too! 



A natural material, rugs made from wool are ones truly made to last. Wool rugs are perhaps the most classic style of its kind because of its comfort and durability equation. They have the ability to look elegant and refined while working for your homes most important needs. Wool is one of the most reliable materials to repel water and stains and can look new for years to come. Such properties, therefore, make wool rugs perfect for high-traffic areas around the home, especially if you're looking to show off the design of one our beautiful hand-tufted rugs, like Asta. Like an infinitely soft sheep, the natural fibers of wool can offer a warm and insulated foundation for your modern home (great for the winter, or concrete floors in a modern industrial apartment). 


Rugs made with 65% or more pure New Zealand wool or cashmere wool:

Ezra 65% New Zealand wool, 35% cotton

Giselle 85% New Zealand felted wool, 15% cotton

Sebastian 90% New Zealand felted wool, 10% cotton

Asta 90% New Zealand wool, 10% cotton

Else 80% cashmere wool, 20% cotton backing

Henning 90% wool, 10% cotton

Silja 85% New Zealand felted wool, 15% cotton

Nisse 80% wool, 5% foam, 15% cotton






Cotton is another natural material that is strong and stable, and relatively less expensive than our wool counterparts. They are fun and easy to play with because of their noticeably lightweight property. Because of this, they are much easier to move around to swap out through the seasons when its time to try a new print. They are also great for holding their shape and do not disfigure easily. 


Rugs made with 100% cotton: 

Freja 100% cotton






The beauty of man-made synthetics is almost unmatched. Created to mimic the look of heirloom rugs with high-quality fibers, synthetic rugs offer more leeway to swap out during the seasons because of their lower price point. They are generally easier to clean, wondrously durable, and resistant to stains and fading. They also typically preserve their polish, texture and color for a long period of time. Synthetic rugs will not carry the same feel as their natural wool counterparts but can feel much softer to the touch in most cases, so it's a solution fit for both worlds. 


Rugs made with varying make-up of synthetic material: 

Horacio 80% viscose, 20% cotton

Isla 70% viscose, 20% wool, 10% cotton






Soft and sophisticated, our 100% natural Icelandic sheepskins are pure beauty. They have the ability to warm floors and grace furniture unlike any other and retain a sturdy and long life. Take a look at any home decor blog or magazine and you will be sure to see a sheepskin right on trend. 


Learn more about the unique product care for each type of handmade rug. 


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