Introducing Truman and Winston

Today we launch the first dining room additions to the modern contemporary collection, along with media units and consoles for the modern living room. Among six new items introduced today, each new piece features Phase 2 certified eco-friendly wood, smooth American walnut veneer, high gloss white lacquer, and a sophisticated mixture of glass tops.


Truman is a modern contemporary piece unlike any other, where sophisticated, functional form is met subtly with generously wide and deep storage. Made with a striking combination of materials, the modern facade is a smart addition to the collected confine. Winston, complimentary to Truman, has a unique aesthetic, borrowing a little from the mid-century modern classic and some more from the contemporary minimalist. The featured single pedestal dining table is uncluttered yet sophisticated in design, while the white lacquer top is a clear homage to Scandinavian sensibility.





See the new collection now!


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