Daylight Savings

The days sure seem darker after setting our clocks back an hour. Even after a couple of weeks, it’s been hard to adjust. With the lurk of Seasonal Affective Disorder tempering with our moods, we thought about sharing some advice from our designers on how to make subtle changes in your home to improve your overall health and wellness this dreary season.


“Keeping the house tidy is really important. Most people tend to feel happier with the satisfaction of a clean living or workspace. Scandinavians have been dealing with short, cold days for years, which is why they have responded so well through design. There is something about the bright airiness that makes a room feel so strangely warm. Maybe it’s the light that reminds me of the sun.”





“For the perfect light look, I love the Loren Sofa in Baltic Mist, which is a chilled purple grey hue, with the classic white and wood table pieces from some of Rove’s nordic brand collections. For a bolder mix, I would go for a neutral dark, like the New Velvet Stormy Night, a mysteriously handsome upholstery option from Rove’s new custom sofa collection.”


When it comes to completing the Nordic foundation in a home, accessories are a must. “Otherwise it’s just a cold, empty room.”


“Billowy cushions, cozy throws and definitely sheepskins and decadent reindeer hides are a must for the warm winter home. Another great additional I love to have all year around is natural greenery. Indoor plants provide a good source of oxygen keep you awake and fresh throughout the day, and they add so much life to a room through vibrant color and the gentle flow of their way.” 


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