Ordering Swatches

We believe in the quality of our materials, that’s why we are pleased to offer samples of our materials complimentary to every customer before they order. Ordering swatches allows you to see true colors of our various array of fabrics, leathers, and woods. With possible variations due to photography settings, digital resolutions on computer monitors and in some cases, a misinterpretation of color names and descriptions, we highly encourage customers to take advantage of our free samples to ensure final orders are received with the perfect color in mind.


Here are a few examples of how lighting can significantly change the color of the same product. Our photographer used the same camera settings for each set of images, with one shot in natural lighting and the other with indoor artificial lighting.



Swan Chair Merlot Boucle // ISO 1000 35mm f/2.2 1/125 WB 5300


Lucas TV Stand // ISO 1000 35mm f/2.2 1/125 WB 5300



We are also proud to demonstrate the quality of our finer materials. Our leather and wood samples offer a similar view of our colors and textures, while fabric samples are always useful in color pairing, in addition to admiring the intricate weaves and consistencies of our upholstery.


Our samples arrive quickly to your door step, sent out within 1-2 business days. See our full selection of samples and request your swatch samples here!


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