The Fox and She

Blair Staky from Chicago-based lifestyle blog, The Fox and She was so happy to work with us when furnishing her apartment that she did a little happy dance around our Saarinen inspired marble Tulip Table


Blair's dining room makeover was a two part series. After enjoying her marble tulip table for a year, we were happy to upgrade her dining chairs for dining room makeover part two, to a set of natural wood Wishbone Chairs for her little apartment. The set now lives in the center of attention in Blair's home. 


"They arrived just a few weeks ago and I’ve been sitting at the table every chance I get. I’m even more obsessed with this room now!"


We were pleased to be featured in her subsequent living room redesign. She chose our Rove Pavilion Chair (formerly Barcelona Chair), describing the palermo leather upholstery as "deliciously warm." 






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