Fall Winter Trends 2017

If you’re one of those folks looking to change up your interior décor with the changing of the seasons, here are 7 trends to consider for this fall and winter. Let us know if there are any other trends to keep an eye out for in the comments below!


1. Velvet

Velvets are entering the home after storming the fashion world over the last few seasons. The soft, lustrous material is a simple way to add decadence to your home from one accent piece to the entire room. The shimmering surface can range from vintage sheens to modern pared downed hues. 

The Luca Armchair and Luca Sectional upholstered in Vintage Velvet Solstice. The glossy sheen can be dressed up or down, like in this Vancouver home decorated with minimalist Nordic design. Photo: Alexa Suter for Rove Concepts

Porter Sectional upholstered in New Velvet Stormy Night. The corduroy-like texture is less shiny than the Vintage Velvet collection and durable for the modern home.  Photo: Rove Concepts 


2. Texture

Whether it’s vintage or new, it’s all about the texture. Aside from velvets, weaves and wool-like felts are becoming more and more popular to bring that much needed cozy texture into the home. Our Plush Weave is a new addition to the Sandro Custom Sofa Collection. It’s a soft performance weave with adorable names like button, fin, and oyster. Modern Felt, another new fabric, is a smooth wool-like material with names like Helsinki, Stockholm, and Riga. This new fabric collection is named after Scandinavian cities where texture always brings warmth.

Sophia Sofa upholstered in new Plush Weave Oyster. Photo: Rove Concepts 


3. White on white

Borrowing from more modern Scandinavian trends of simple, minimalist design living, white on white has become increasingly popular this year. In particular, the blank slate feels universal and almost warm during the fall and winter months. 


Harper Bed on white walls with white décor. Photo: FIGTNY


4. Warmer colors

Against blank white walls for a single statement, or in a full-color palette, warmer colors are a quintessential design component for interior design in the fall and winter season. In 2017, dark green is making a bold presence with an earthy and natural comfort amidst this rich hue. 

Modern Felt Oslo, New Velvet James’ Pants, New Velvet Slate Grey, Vintage Velvet, Golden Beryl. Fabric samples: Rove Concepts. Order free swatches >


5. Weighty storage

Sideboards are a great addition to the home, adding height and weight into the otherwise cold barren home. The heaviness of furniture like the Tanner Sideboard is an important addition to creating the lived-in aura in interior design. 

Tanner Sideboard with Hugo Sofa and Gustav Lounge Chair. Photo: Rove Concepts  


6. Layers

Layering up for fall and winter has never been new—it’s a primal instinct to stay warm and cozy up. Add layers by piling up with throws, throw cushions or even rugs. The general concept of layering in design is another quintessential component to the colder months. 

Nisse Rug Ivory with added throw cushions for added layering. Photo: FIGTNY 


7. Lasting design

Not just for the fall or winter months, investing in lasting design is a trend that lasts year round. Invest in pieces that will provide both aesthetic appeal and function in your modern home. Custom sofas are an excellent way to make sure your biggest investment piece works for you. 

Hugo Sectional upholstered in Linen Weave Concrete. Photo: Rove Concepts 




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