Fall Lounging

The changing of the seasons brings in a breath of fresh air and inspiration to shake things up. Moods shift to a darker tone and we naturally seek warmth when the sun begins to shy away. Embracing fall, there is nothing better than indulging in the comfort of pumpkin spice and the infinite lounge. If you’re ready to welcome the new season, here are a few notes from our designers to look out for:


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Warm Colors

Colors invoke feeling and set the ground work for atmosphere. Autumn is a time when leaves turn and branches become bare; clouds are usual with rain filling ominously overhead; when it comes to food, the growing season is generally sparse with root vegetables and winter kale becoming popular items at the markets and on the dinner table. Warm woods and shades of brown are especially adored during this time of year because these nostalgic hues fondly remind us of barren trees most symbolic of the fall season. The CH25 Easy Chair is a beautiful combination of two tones of natural brown that we love for fall. Other warm colors to include are burnt oranges, mossy greens, weathered stone greys and toffee-nut creams.

Heavy Texture

Texture has the ability to fill space, and on brisk days, the company is warmly welcomed. Chunky knits and cashmere wools are portraits for fall comfort. Leave nowhere bare; large rugs are wondrous for covering cold concrete floors and weighty throws are perfect all around. There is no rule against mixing textures, from varying weaves of linen or cords, to fluffy furs and the smooth softness of alpaca wool. Mixing metals with woods and various upholsteries is another way to add heavy texture to your autumn home. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to layering up.

Seasonal Décor

Décor is the whip cream on your pumpkin pie. Accents add that needed color and texture, while being the easiest piece to adapt your seasonal style if everything else stays the same.  For fall, soft wool throws and endless cushions are must-haves. The Hugo Sectional is particularly ideal because of the generous pile of down cushions inherent to it’s contemporary design. The Let’s Stay Home Printed Cushion from Kure is a cute match and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Staying in most days likely calls for good reading materials, and a nice book cover can say a lot about your personality. Keep warm with candles, and allow the ambiance of a flickering light bring you to peace. Copper accents are fancy, yet warming. And of course, don’t forget the pumpkins and gourds for a fall homerun. 


1. Hugo Sectional  2. Platner Easy Ottoman  3. Printed Cushion  4. Copper Mug  5. CH25 Easy Chair  6. Long-haired Icelandic Sheepskin

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