Monika Hibbs

Monika Hibbs is big fan of marble, so her love was instaneous when she laid eyes on our marble trays from. Her creative styling introduced some new ways to look at our simple pieces. 


"I added a  rectangle 6” marble tray next to my kitchen to hold my favourite soup and a small candle along side.  I love that this tray protects the marble counter without having to sacrifice the clean, collected style I was going for in the kitchen. Avoiding those nasty rings from the soap dispenser on the counter.


Next I added this stunning hex marble tray to my coffee table, I absolutely love the way it  compliments the marble from the kitchen. I added a few personal touches such as a candle, matches and coasters that are typically already placed on my coffee table. The great thing about adding a tray is that it brings organization and structure to your coffee table.


Lastly, I put the 4” square marble tray to my bedside table for jewelry and other trinkets.  This tray is not only functional but it adds a nice additional texture too."


How would you style your marble trays? 


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