Modern Nordic Essentials

Nordic design, also often referred to as Scandinavian design, is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It focuses on furniture, lighting, textiles and dishes courtesy to daily life and is often approached as a holistic lifestyle that agrees with the total space around. Classic materials include form-pressed wood, plastics and steel, and natural materials that represent the human relationship with nature. Simple forms and non-ostentatious colors have been used unanimously since the pioneering of Nordic design in the 1930s and continues to be seen with ongoing design innovation around the world today. Nordic design can be reduced to three characteristics: natural materials, functionalism and neutral colors.





Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood and leather exemplify the details of beautiful design and enforce the ability of a craftsman. These materials are considered classic and timeless and offer the natural and organic forms accustom to this style. Furniture designed with natural materials offer a true Scandinavian look that pairs especially well with other minimalistic design characteristics of modern Nordic style.



Function and purpose are equally important to design aesthetic in Modern Nordic design. Versatility, comfort and durability are apprarent in every piece of Scandinavian culture, and furniture is no exception. A simple shelf is reduced to its simplest form, yet the complexities of its multi-purpose are perplexing and practical.


Neutral Colors

As characterized by simplicity and minimalism, monochrome tones emphasize natural light and encourage an atmosphere of openness. Neutral colors are often found paired with natural materials and offer versatility for an interior that can be matched with almost any other design. Marble, leather, wood and floral are considered neutral for being in their natural state of color. 




1. Loren Sofa 2. Printed Cushion 3. Niels Bookshelf 4. Glass Terrarium 5. Strapped Marble Vase 6. Marble Coffee Tulip Table 7. Acacia Wood Tray 8. Flag Halyard Chair