Marigold Hotel 

Indulge in cocktail hour at the Marigold Hotel, a room inspired by mid-century modern style and eclectic charm. This is a place of decadence, luxury and sophistication, with a hint of exotic decor. Dark woods, black detailing and rich accents compose the 5-star Marigold Hotel. 

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Dana Dining Table

A simple design elegantly transformed through a rich walnut exterior. The walnut veneer top and dark base are a statement in the dominantly bright minimalist home, making this table a tasteful centerpiece.


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Executive Chair

A modern design inspired by classic Finnish and American architecture, the Executive Chair has been crafted and perfected over the years. This version is a heavier more mature piece featuring beautifully stained solid wood legs, a staple of the Marigold Hotel.


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Pastoe Sideboard

The impressively straightforward facade is met only with black detail and crafted with aluminum handles. The clean lines reflect the minimalist approach of the original designer, while new materials and innovative production techniques lend an industrial hand.


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Horacio Rug

A handsome rug for the modern home, Horacio is both serene and lively with small speckles of vivacious color and an unrefined edge. Carefully handmade and designed for luxurious living.


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Mouille Pendant

A classic European design reserved for the upper class, this unique structure reflects hours of intricate detail and craftsmanship. Presented in beautiful matte black and golden detail, the Mouille Pendent is a spectacular spotlight in a sophisticated home.


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Copper Candle

The sophistication of a copper aesthetic and a low flickering light can add ambiance to any space. Our copper jars are filled with 100% soy wax and scented with a subtle blend of grapefruit, mint and coconut fragrance.


Marigold Hotel 

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