Our FREE Swatches

Details define us. That is why we are Rove Concepts takes such care in the quality and use of our materials.

"Our materials allow us to preserve the integrity of the original."

From the initial sourcing to the last stitch, our products and their components are treated with respect. We only use small batch techniques on handpicked upholstery, veneers and steel. This approach allows us to meet the highest standards for craftsmanship and luxury. We take pride in every aspect of our furniture.

Half a day. 12 hours, 48 coffee breaks or 360 commercial breaks. It is how long we spend just saturating our leather with rich color, a process that defines genuine aniline leather. Chosen from the top 5% of all leathers and sourced from Italy, it is breathable with no synthetic coating. Applied with a special oil blend to achieve Vintage, Waxy and Classic finishes, the material will develop a natural patina over time, making every piece unique. Only 5% of the world's leather supply is of high enough quality for the 100% premium aniline treatment. Aniline leather is fully dyed throughout by soaking in aniline dyes. The process allows the leather to preserve the natural grain characteristics and develop a patina with age. Aniline leather uses no synthetic topical coatings, so it breathes naturally and makes seating comfortable even for long duration. It is soft, supple, durable and pliable. This is why our furniture deserves real natural leather. All our leathers are hand picked and imported from Italian tanneries.

200 years of popularity with no signs of slowing down. Cashmere has been a luxury since the 1800s, when Europeans came to Kashmir, India. This warm wool fiber comes from the soft undercoat of special Kashmir goats and is finer and warmer than standard wool. After this special hair is removed, it is fully dyed with a permanent pigment and then painstakingly woven into premium Danish cashmere.

It is no wonder how bouclé wool got its name. Meaning "curly" in French, this special weave is made of choice wool fibers carefully woven into small circles. The loops are extremely durable because of the double-strand system, which creates yarn out of two securely plied strands. This Danish fabric is specially crafted to maintain its dynamic texture and strength for everyday and commercial use.

The level of detail we pay to our leathers extends throughout our range. For example, one of our best sellers is the Eames Lounge Chair. We offer this particular design mainly in Walnut and Rosewood veneers (there are other veneers available so please contact us to discuss). A number of our customers are only too familiar with the Vitra and Herman Miller versions of this design classic. This is the benchmark by which they are judging our chair. There simply is no discernible difference in the quality between the authentic chairs and our lounger.

We urge you to do one thing and that is to request FREE swatches from us. These will be with you in 2-5 business days. By handling our luxurious leathers you will understand why we are so confident in our quality. Our standard for craftsmanship insists that no corners are cut (literally in the case of Barcelona Style Chair). In every sense of detail Rove Concepts matches up with the authentic pieces.