Ghost Side Chair - Victoria

$95.00 USD
$95.00 USD
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Fiberglass / Plastic - Solid White
Solid White can be minimal, bohemian, contemporary or any other style. The flexibility makes it one of the most popular finishes for contemporary furniture.
Fiberglass / Plastic - Smoke
Smoke often means a mystery but your stylishness will be obvious when you choose Smoke furniture. This translucent shade matches any decor and is designed for daily residential and commercial use.
Fiberglass / Plastic - Solid Black
It makes a statement. Solid Black is a eyebrow-raising choice that will definitely pay off in your home or office. Choose confidence with this durable material.
Fiberglass / Plastic - Transparent
The new classic. Transparent fiberglass and plastic can be seen everywhere but now it has caught on to furniture as well. This well-loved option will show off the contemporary design of your furniture like nothing else.
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Transparent, Polycarbonate$0.00

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The Rove Classics Ghost Chairs are amazingly accurate reproductions based on the creations of designer Philippe Starck. One of Starck's most outstanding furniture characteristics is his intelligent use of polycarbonate, which adds a characteristic playfulness to many of his pieces. Their shape is time-honoured and Baroque in style but their transparency, advanced materials and distinctiveness make it clear that they are anything but old fashioned. The chairs' different shades and transparency make them able to blend seamlessly into almost any environment.

This premium Rove Concepts reproduction features:
  • Approved for both residential and commercial use
  • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor
  • Made from Transparent Polycarbonate
  • Stackable up to 7 high
  • Scratch resistant
  • Single mold injection

This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.

Standard Dimensions

15 in x 19.25 in x 35.75 in (Width x Depth x Height)

1 Reviews
- Brianna - (5/5)

I purchased this chair as I

I purchased this chair as I needed a fourth chair (I like all my dining room chairs to be different) and didn't have much space. This fulfills my need and doesn't take up any "visual space." It's surprisingly comfortable--I am comfortable eating and then remaining at the table--didn't feel the need to shift to the lounge. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

Philippe Starck

Visionary genius and eccentric, Philippe Starck (1949-present) is unique amongst the lauded modern designers of the past and present. This singular man came into fame in the 1980s for his product, industrial, architectural and interior efforts and continues to awe the world with his creativity. One of Starck’s most influential contributions to furniture has been the Baroque-inspired Ghost Chair. 
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