Why Rove Concepts

Our non-traditional model of production and delivery allows us to maintain control over our processes, from our workshop floors all the way to your homes. With no middle-men involved, and direct communication with our expert staff available every day of the week, we keep minimal costs while uncompromising our dedication to design.  


Rove Concepts is devoted to crafting the highest quality products. We manufacture with environmentally sustainable and high grade materials like imported Italian leathers and solid wood. Twofold is our quality when our certified materials are met by expert craftsmen. Our partnerships with skilled artisans bring forth the best products on the market.

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We care about design integrity. Our commitment extends to both our customers who value aesthetics and the lasting quality of our products, and to the architects and designers who have inspired much of what we make today. Rove Concepts also works with non-profit organizations to maintain the same commitment to the environment and local communities as to design.

Learn about our partnership with WeForest here.

Our Materials

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Details define us. That is why we take such care in the quality and use of our materials.

"Our materials allow us to preserve the integrity of the original."

From the initial sourcing to the last stitch, our products and their components are treated with respect. We only use small batch techniques on handpicked upholstery, veneers and steel. This approach allows us to meet the highest standards for craftsmanship and luxury.

Classic Leathers

Handpicked Colors
Special Oil Blend Finish
Luxurious, Supple Feel

  • Modena Black

  • Siena White

  • Modena Eggshell

  • Modena Ivory

  • Modena Taupe

  • Modena Coffee

  • Modena Red

  • Modena Terracotta

  • Modena Camel

  • Modena Sand

  • Black / White Pony

  • Brown / White Pony
Waxy Leathers

Easy to Maintain
Wide Selection of Color
Smooth, Silky Finish

  • Palermo Black

  • Palermo Grey

  • Palermo Caramel

  • Palermo Dark Tan

  • Palermo Tan

  • Palermo Dark Chocolate

  • Palermo Olive
Vintage Leathers

Every Piece is Unique
Natural Characteristics
Soft, Pliable Texture

  • Balmoral Cinnamon

  • Newcastle Brown

  • Milano Smoke

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Our Reproductions

In the last couple of years, there has been a surge of companies trying to meet the demand of iconic design reproductions. Due to the amount of competition, these companies often take shortcuts in the quality of material and craftsmanship in order to maximize profit. As a result, their finished products lack the quality and finer details of the original pieces. We feel the need to share product knowledge with our customers, so they can make informed comparisons between Rove Concepts' selections and the low-grade reproductions flooding into the market.

Simply look through our product comparisons below to learn the Rove difference. We may not be the lowest in price, yet we source the highest quality materials, craft in the finer details, and deliver the highest value. Our iconic pieces are built true and made to last.


Our customers have given us a 8.4/10 score on the consumer reviews site Trustpilot, the highest rating of any replica furniture company. This is all thanks to our excellent quality products, peerless service and excellent customer care.

Trust Pilot

We're passionate about customer service and here to help anyway we can. We know everything there is to know about our products and our live chat lets us answer most questions within 1 hour. You can also call us on 1 800 705 6217 or email customercare@roveconcepts.com.

I don't want to have to figure out how to do a review on your site, so I thought I would send you this and you could be free to use it.
I ordered my Rove Concepts lounge chair and received it in just one week! I was extremely skeptical of the quality, and since I live in Texas I didn't have the opportunity to go to the showroom and inspect the chair. I did my research, and after reading every review on the internet I decided to move forward. I am so glad I did. I literally cannot tell a difference between the chair that was sent to me and the authentic Herman Miller. I am extremely pleased with my chair and the entire experience with Rove Concepts. What stopped me from moving forward with the chair sooner - it took me three months to make the decision - was wondering how a $2,000 chair could be possibly be worth the money since it is still a reproduction, but I can now confidently say it was worth every penny.

Benjamin P Roberts

I ordered two Barcelona chairs.

I was nervous on several counts: (1) Would we receive items identical to the one examined in the store? (2) Would I communicate in time with the delivery agent? (3) Would the goods arrive in time? (4) Would they arrive undamaged?
I am relieved to report that the answer to all is YES. I was especially impressed by the careful handling by the truck driver and the careful packaging of these delicate items.

Maarten Van Emden

Thank you. The workmanship is beautiful! I did a ton of research and read a rather lengthy thread on houzz! It was your comparison video on houzz and the reviews of your chair that sold it for me! 
Your customer service through email has been top notch! 
Thanks again!

P.S also super impressed with packaging! I was nervous of an issue, having never seen the chair and having it come so far...what if there was damage, ect...but it is perfect!  The shipper was even surprised by how well it was packaged!

Saskatchewan, CA

I just have to tell you guys that I’m loving my Rove Barcelona Daybed!