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Why Rove Concepts

Our vision of uncompromising design and accessibility is represented in every part of Rove Concepts, even our four circle logo.

Why Rove Concepts
Our reproductions are made to the original specifications to preserve the integrity of each piece.
Custom Design
All iconic classics can be made to perfectly suit your space with your choice of finishes.
Quality Finishes
We only use premium materials that surpass our two-tier quality control process.
5 Year Warranty
We stand behind the quality of our products.

Our Materials

Our FREE Swatches

Details define us. That is why we at Rove Concepts takes such care in the quality and use of our materials.

"Our materials allow us to preserve the integrity of the original."

From the initial sourcing to the last stitch, our products and their components are treated with respect. We only use small batch techniques on handpicked upholstery, veneers and steel. This approach allows us to meet the highest standards for craftsmanship and luxury. We take pride in every aspect of our furniture.

Classic Leathers

Handpicked Colors
Special Oil Blend Finish
Luxurious, Supple Feel

  • Modena Black

  • Siena White

  • Modena Eggshell

  • Modena Ivory

  • Modena Taupe

  • Modena Coffee

  • Modena Red

  • Modena Terracotta

  • Modena Camel

  • Modena Sand

  • Black / White Pony

  • Brown / White Pony
Waxy Leathers

Easy to Maintain
Wide Selection of Color
Smooth, Silky Finish

  • Palermo Black

  • Palermo Grey

  • Palermo Caramel

  • Palermo Dark Tan

  • Palermo Tan

  • Palermo Dark Chocolate

  • Palermo Olive
Vintage Leathers

Every Piece is Unique
Natural Characteristics
Soft, Pliable Texture

  • Balmoral Cinnamon

  • Newcastle Brown

  • Milano Smoke

Compare Us

Rove Concepts vs Inferior Reproductions
In the last couple of years, there has been a surge of companies that are trying to meet the demand of iconic design reproductions. Due to the amount of competition, these companies often take shortcuts in the quality of material and craftsmanship in order to maximize profit. As a result, their finished products lacks the quality and finer details of the original pieces. We feel the need to share product knowledge with our customers, so they can make informed comparisons between Rove Concepts' selections and the low-grade reproductions flooding into the market.

The Bottom Line
Simply look through our product comparisons below to learn the Rove difference. We may not be the lowest in price, yet we source the highest quality materials, craft in the finer details, and deliver the highest value, dollar for dollar, by far. Our iconic pieces are built to last so you can enjoy them for many years to come.


Our customers have given us a 8.4/10 score on the consumer reviews site Trustpilot, the highest rating of any replica furniture company. This is all thanks to our excellent quality products, peerless service and excellent customer care.

Trust Pilot

We're passionate about customer service and here to help anyway we can. We know everything there is to know about our products and our live chat lets us answer most questions within 1 hour. You can also call us on 1 800 705 6217 or email

Thank you. The workmanship is beautiful! I did a ton of research and read a rather lengthy thread on houzz! It was your comparison video on houzz and the reviews of your chair that sold it for me! 
Your customer service through email has been top notch! 
Thanks again!

P.S also super impressed with packaging! I was nervous of an issue, having never seen the chair and having it come so far...what if there was damage, ect...but it is perfect!  The shipper was even surprised by how well it was packaged!

Saskatchewan, CA

Hi Victor,

I received the Barcelona bench last week and finally got a chance to assemble it and place it at the foot of my bed. It's gorgeous and PERFECT! Thank you so much!! I will be featuring it on House*Tweaking next week. No doubt, it will go over well with my readers.


Great Product, Exceptional Customer Service!!

I have been shopping at stores like West Elm, CB2, Dot&Bo and Z Gallerie. Today, was single handedly the best furniture buying experience I have ever had, and it was all done over the phone. I had the honor of speaking with a young lady named Elly on the phone, and she was pleasant, she listened to my needs, and provided a solution for something I wanted that I was fearful I had already missed out on. She followed up with me in a timely fashion, and made my purchasing experience a truly memorable one. I cannot thank her enough! It's easy to see that Rove carries an exceptional collection of furniture, but there is definitely more value in their people and how they make their customers feel. A lot of competing brands can learn a lot from their level of customer service. Cheers!



I recently moved to a brand new place and finally had the interest in getting some nice pieces for my place. My family had an Eames Lounge chair so I initially wanted that, but on a trip to Knoll I fell in love with the Saarinen Womb chair.

Unlike other types of items, I wanted a knockoff chair to see if I liked it enough to warrant the real thing one day. So I dove into a month of reading weird forums about the various options, sketchy dealers, unrated ebay sellers and second hand ripoffs.

I even went to a local showroom for a place that is popular on the web called Manhattan Home Design and really didn't like their demeanor and the quality didn't feel right to me.

The only seller who came away mostly unscathed was Rove concepts. Everyone said that they weren't importing the same ones from china everyone else was (all the sub $1000 ones on ebay) , and for a little more money, they had lots more options, reviews and people saying it was quality.

I'll admit, I had a lot of reservations about every step of the process. I am impatient, and even though they had the chair I bought in stock (as opposed to the longer time frame of custom made) I was still nervous. From ordering it took about 4 days to leave the warehouse in Washington State, and about a week later arrived at my local delivery company who was excellent.

Although they are based in Canada, if you are in the US, the shipping comes from a US warehouse so you don't have to deal with customs or anything. Once it gets to your area, they give you the number of a local delivery service. The tracking on the site was great and I called them several times to confirm things and they were always happy to help and helpful. 

I didn't pay the extra $150 for 'white glove' delivery, which they say means removing all packaging and putting it in your home. Instead I slipped the delivery guys some cash and they did the same thing much cheaper. Really nice guys.

So what's it like?

The chair is fully assembled and the legs have screw in feet so you can adjust them to sit well on your floor. They also have a ball swivel and the chair sits very solidly, I'm in it now wiggling with no ability to move it in any direction.

I went and sat in an authentic Knoll Womb chair and really liked the fact that the entire shell is padded as well as covered in cloth. Same thing on the Rove chair, really thick but firm padding that lets you throw your legs over the armrest.

In addition, the chair feels well weighted, and is clearly made very well. All seams are tight and even, the fabric has no blemishes or issues, and the 'ruby cashmere' is very soft and feels sturdy. Its a beautiful deep red that really compliments my wood floors and grey couch.

When I tried the womb chair at Manhattan Home Design, the fabric was itchy and rough, and I was told it would wear out unless I used spray on it. Rove uses a much nicer fabric and the chair generally feels much more substantial and identical to the real thing.

I feel like it is almost too good to be true, I was expecting a little something to be wrong, and Rove really came through for me. At $1600 after shipping and tax, I can honestly say I got exactly what I paid for, and am enjoying the chair already immensely. The chair matches the pictures on their site exactly, which are nearly identical to the real thing as well.

I am writing this review because there are almost no reviews of the Rove womb chair, only the Eames lounge. I wish I had it when I was looking, so hopefully it helps you out!

David Pinke