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Womb Chair & Ottoman

Womb Chair & Ottoman

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Inspired by Eero Saarinen
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Womb Chair & Ottoman

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An immaculate sapphire is a jewel to admire so it is no surprise that our immaculate Sapphire also inspires awe. This Danish cashmere is flawless perfection.
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Product Story

In his time, Finnish architect and designer Eero Saarinen was criticized for having no fixed style. Now it is clear that this flexibility was simply intelligent design, enabling him to adapt to the customer and situation. For instance, his classic Womb Chair and Ottoman have been created with the end user in mind. The set owes much of its popularity to the simple, sweeping structure with indented armrests and movable cushions that enable you to lounge, sit upright or slouch, to the front, side, or whichever way you desire. This reproduction is crafted from hand sewn natural cashmere stitched to high density foam surrounding a true fiberglass shell. This will ensure that your Womb Chair and Ottoman set will be a quality addition to your home or office.

Details & Specifications
This premium Rove Concepts reproduction features:
  • Premium fabric imported from Denmark
  • Available in Classic Bouclé or Premium Cashmere wools in a large variety of colors
  • Hand-stitching using braided lockstitch throughout the entire piece for an outstandingly luxurious feel with the durability of the original design
  • Construction around a curvature-true fiberglass shell that is true to the original dimensions
  • High density CA-117 cushioning with PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk, providing smoothly shaped contouring and cushion platform resilience
  • Polished #304 grade stainless steel for a modern finish resistant to chipping and flaking
  • Floor protective pads on the feet of the chair to protect surfaces

This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.

What is Cashmere Wool?
Cashmere wool fiber is obtained from "Cashmere goats.” Cashmere goats produce a double fleece of a fine, soft undercoat of hair mixed with a straighter, coarser outer coat. For the fine undercoat to be used, it must be de-haired. De-hairing is a process that separates the coarse hair from the fine hair. After this process, the resulting premium “cashmere” is ready to be dyed and converted into yarn.

What is Bouclé Fabric?
Bouclé is a fabric with length of loops of similar size that range from tiny circlets to larger curls. To make bouclé, at least two strands are combined, with the tension on one strand being much looser than the other as it is being plied. Bouclé in wool is a long lasting fabric that maintains its interesting and inviting texture for years.


Standard Dimensions

39.5 in x 35.5 in x 37.25 in (Width x Depth x Height)

Eero Saarinen

To his detriment or benefit, Finnish American designer Eero Saarinen was famous for his flexible style. He believed that his clients were “co-creators,” which led him to adjust his approach to design according to what they wanted instead of strictly adhering to his aesthetic. Despite the criticism this led to, he remains one of the most well-known designers of the mid-century period. 

Saarinen’s architectural and product design style varied from pared-down, curving silhouettes to cold rationalism. His work was present from bomb disassembly manuals to Time magazine to countless editorials. 

He used his sculpture and architecture training to make some of the most recognizable modern pieces, such as the Tulip Table series. Saarinen was a leader of his time. 


This womb chair is just

This womb chair is just gorgeous, very well made, sturdy and extremely comfortable. I spend countless hours reading on it.
Bethany - Verified Buyer

Got this chair in 7 days,

Got this chair in 7 days, just like the name it is extremely comfortable. Looking to get another piece from you guys soon.
Ren - Verified Buyer

This chair is the most

This chair is the most comfortable ever! The hand stitching and detailing is superb and you can't be just stare on this gorgeous design. Thank you Rove for the excellent customer service and for building such an amazing reproduction of the original
Jen Kenny - Verified Buyer

Overall this chair is just

Overall this chair is just like the original that I had until my wife took it away with the divorce. Beautiful craftsmanship, love the wide array of colors that I could choose from. If only their lead time was a bit quicker it would have gotten a full 5 stars.
Joseph Lee - Verified Buyer

we love it!!

Overall this chair is just like the original that I had until my wife took it away with the divorce. Beautiful craftsmanship, love the wide array of colors that I could choose from. If only their lead time was a bit quicker it would have gotten a full 5 stars.
Paul Durant - Verified Buyer

Womb chair fans!

My husband wanted something to recline in the bedroom (besides the bed). I took him to a local furniture store to try other alternatives which did not fit him. He resisted to sitting in the "womb" chair purely because of it's name, after a few min of asking he gave in and sat down. His 2 min response was let's get it! From there I proceeded to check where was the best option to order it. Late one evening from the comfort of my home office I ordered it online from Rove Concepts and the rest is happy history.
mboo33 - Verified Buyer
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