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About Rove Concepts

From the beginning, Rove set in place a vision and philosophy that beautiful icons of furniture design should not be an elusive possession only affordable by the few. In the same spirit, we are equally adamant that all replications of these designs should remain faithful to the original intentions. This means to us that quality in material and construct should never be a compromise. Granted, it is easy for anybody to make such claims. So please, let us share with you step by step what goes into our furniture to achieve that rare balance of luxury and value.

You will not find Rove products anywhere else you look. The differences in our furniture quickly become apparent when you view Rove's collection of in house HD studio and showroom media. These designs thrive in the details, and you will find details here that exist nowhere else.


Iconic. Exquisite. Timeless.

We wish to demonstrate the difference we believe to exist between 'knock-off' and 'reproduction' furniture. A 'knock-off' copy is a version intended to imitate appearance while making do with as little input as possible in terms of material source, labor skills, and even the design process itself. A reproduction is a version of design doing its utmost to recreate the esthetic beauty and to equal or even exceed the original design in material, form, and function. Rove specializes in the upper range of reproduction designs.

"Rove Concepts does not claim to sell cheap furniture. The highest grade input of materials means we are working with a price threshold. Any competitor priced substantially lower is not seen to be in our market as our products and their products exist in different tiers altogether. We sell reproduction furniture as an alternative to licensed furniture."

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We are unique to you.

We have taken time to source a vast range of premium fabrics, styles, and colors to give freedom in customization. Even our imported leathers feature different textures, finishes, and tones. Our materials add character to your furniture in ways that are truly amazing and very difficult to achieve. ― See Our Swatch Options

We understand the furniture.

Our team is so focused on this niche in furniture design that we are able to help customers in ways few competitors can. All it takes is a phone call. Each member of our team is very involved. We can answer all your questions be it regarding design, production, materials, customization, and even interior design advice. ― See Our Customer Testimonials

Our world, our environment.

Wood we use are First and Seconds (FAS) grade American timber. FAS boards are certified to be only the best cuts from the log and produce the least amount of knots. The wood is FSC-certified which indicates timber harvested in a way that support sustainable forest management, wildlife protection and the involvement of the forest's local community. ― Learn More About Our Materials

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