'70s Bungalow

Hang out in a retro living space tempted by nature, science fiction, and lots of chairs. This inspiring look takes the best of '70s era interior design, sans the crazy kool-aid colors. It's modern meets moderate hippie. We'll meet you in the bungalow below. 

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PK31 Loveseat

This mid-century style sofa is a '70s favorite with earthy toned leather and future-esque chrome steel legs. It's a bold centerpiece with all the right elements for tasteful period design. It's also surprisingly comfy.


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CH25 Easy Chair

Another mid-century modern piece inspired by nature and industrial trends, this deep lounge handwoven paper cord chair is made with the essential materials and colors to dress up your modern bungalow.


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Warren Coffee Table


Influenced by the popularity of science fiction during the time, this futuristic wire base coffee table is a gorgeous statement piece for the '70s bungalow. It's confident structure pairs especially well with the curated items of this revival look book.


 '70s Bungalow

The only thing left is the quintessential shag rug. Not into the Seventies?