Day Dreaming

Do you remember when the air was fresh and the night was young? When falling asleep felt like a dream in itself and the act of being in bed was like being in another world? Float away to yesterday. Always be in your happy place.

Asher Bed Frame

The beautifully dark-stained Danish teak-inspired walnut veneer and elegant tapered legs come from the design of traditional mid-century mastery. Every angle and every edge fall perfectly into place, hopelessly bringing you to the best rest.


Beau Table Lamp

Slightly playful, yet dominantly minimalist, this simple white and wood table piece is mute enough for the bedroom because of its intentionally non-ostentatious design. Adjustable from high to moderate creates a lamp perfect for winding down around night time.


Asher Night Stand

Matching teak-inspired veneers grace the most divine mid-century night stand, made for your little bed-sides. This night stand is an instantly classic beauty. Don’t close your eyes without admiring the extra handsome brushed copper detailing.


Wesley Table Lamp

Practical and profound, this industrial task lamp is a pleasurable opposite to the also white and wood Beau Table Lamp. A different type of adjustability creates a wider cast of light but not as strong as an overhead, well matched for an evening ambiance.


Poul Pouf

In an otherwise neutrally monochrome room, the color-rich pouf adds a little awakeness. Handmade with the intent of bringing in creativity and grand sense of youth, this adaptable accent may just well be the spark for blissful dreaming.


Giselle Rug

Reminiscent of nature’s casual affair and affinity, Giselle is the perfect rug to lay a peaceful foundation in your most precious space. Also adding a generous detail of texture, this rug will warm you up to the mood of the night.


Day Dreaming

Let yourself rest happily in the bedroom of your dreams. Not what you were looking for? Take a look at our other designer rooms.