Harvest Dining

Gather around with friends and family and celebrate the warmth of the season. Cozy candlelight, classic design and copper cups bring autumn together in the home. It's an elegant evening for a feast and fanciful affair!

Norman side chair

This molded plywood chair is cleverly crafted for timeless appeal and seamless adaptability. Taking on a bowtie shape, the chair maximizes comfort despite the pared-down silhouette. The concave backrest is widest at the shoulders and the seat is curved, allowing the body to relax easily.


Tulip table round

The Tulip Table series is a premium reproduction line inspired by Finnish and American mid-century architecture, a period vastly characterized by the simplification of everyday living. The unique single pedestal base is made from strong cast aluminum to support a heavy table top whilst eliminating the unnecessary clutter of legs underneath.



Lucas sideboard


The Lucas Sideboard is a subtle Scandinavian statement that will make your dining or living space look showroom spectacular. This modern piece features a touch of neutral color that is framed by luxurious Forest Stewardship Council certified wood veneer and German MDF.





The CH88 Chair is delicate design inspired by Danish mid-century architecture. The upper structure of this beautiful chair features a curved wooden backrest which has undergone a special steaming process. The result of the carefully bent wood is a natural resting place for the back. Available in US only.


Harvest Dining

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