6 Lucky Colors to Refresh Your Home

‍‍With the new year almost upon us, the journey of creating a positive atmosphere and good fortune is paramount. An easy way to usher in this ambiance is by incorporating your home with colors associated with good fortune. Here are 6 hues we believe will invite luck into your home for the new year.


Vibrant reds


Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

Photo by @christie_hausmann_design, @katefalconerphotography


Red embodies power, passion, and promising destinies, symbolizing success. Whether incorporated through accent pieces or bold statements like a sofa, adding red instills a feeling of prosperity and energizes positive vibes within your home.


Gilded elegance


Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

Photo by @lisakooistradesigns, @mike_chajecki


Associated with opulence, wealth, and affluence, the radiant charm of gold exudes abundance in any setting. Add gold accents into your living spaces to attract prosperity and elevate the overall ambiance of your space.


Verdant hues


Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

Photo by @ronpagz


The color green, synonymous with growth, harmony, and renewal, invites balance and positivity. Infuse your home with green with plants, furniture, or decor pieces.


Soothing blues


Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

Photo by @twelve34house


In its calming and soothing essence, blue emanates tranquility and harmony. Embrace blue or shades of blue in your home to create an atmosphere of serenity, welcoming luck, and peace.


Crisp whites


Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

Photo by @dih.designs


Known for purity and fresh beginnings, white symbolizes renewal and purification of thoughts and actions. A versatile color for your home, this neutral shade can be introduced via a sofa, lounge chair, or even through accent pieces, offering a clean palette or complementing a bold color scheme in your living space.


Radiant violets


Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

Photo by @pmlotto


Radiating regality, affluence, and wisdom, purple embodies luxury. Whether making a bold statement with substantial furniture pieces, art, or throw pillows, this hue evokes opulence, spirituality, and attracts positive energies.


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Pine Wood Headboard Bed Frame

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