Design tips from our live design Q&A with Cara Woodhouse



Designing a home can be an exciting process - but it can also be a daunting one. We sat down with interior designer Cara Woodhouse for a live Q&A event last month. Here is a recap of the event and her tips for decorating your home.

Sensory triggers: touch, smell, and sight



As you begin to design the living spaces in your home you will want to consider the look and feel of the space.

Touch: Set the tone by incorporating throws, pillows, and rugs in different materials and textures to add warmth and depth to a space. Incorporate a luxuriously plush rug in a neutral tone like the Asha Rug - Rectangular to help ground any space.

Smell: An often overlooked aspect when it comes to decorating a space is the aroma. Whether you have added flowers, candles, incense, scent diffusers, or a combination of all can envelop the entire space and set the mood in your home.

Sight: One of the first things you notice when walking into a space is the overall look of the room. Curate your clutter and keep the pieces that bring more intention while removing the extra pieces that interfere with the flow throughout the space.


How to create a relaxing and inviting space



Layer different light sources: Lighting is a key component when it comes to creating a calm and tranquil space. Use a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures that are dimmable to help set the right mood in your home. Opt for light fixtures in unique and modern shapes like the Uma Floor Lamp for a touch of character to a space.

Bring in some accessories: Create visual interest and depth to your space by adding some accessories like; fresh flowers, a decorative bowl with fresh fruit, or a unique table runner, for a layered look that is functional yet intriguing.

Determine the layout: First thing to figure out when laying out your space is a focal point in the room; eg, fireplace, bay window, or TV, and surround your furniture pieces around your focal point. While ensuring there is enough space for you and your guests to move around.


How to maximize a small dining room:



Play with scale: create the illusion of a grander space by adding curtains to your windows just below the ceiling and opt for curtains that skim the floor.

Consider the size of your seating: Opt for a smaller profile dining chair, like the Aubrey Side Chair, to allow for more space in between and behind the chairs while taking into consideration the size of your dining table as well.

Go light: Paint your dining space a lighter or brighter color like an off-white in your dining space to make the space appear larger.


Cara's Top Picks



Winston Dining Table 

Round tables are great for conversation with guests and are perfect for entertaining; you can see all the guests.




Reya Curved Sectional

Favorite sofa, it is modern, chic, “current yet classic.” Cara loves the tight seat and back of the sofa, always maintains its shape and you don’t need to reshape after sitting.



Maria Coffee Table 

This coffee table creates a calming feeling and has a beautiful shape, the curved edges create a softness.


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