Design is about more than just beautiful furniture. It's about how it influences our lives, shapes our homes, and inspires stories.

Rove Concepts began with beautiful mid-century furniture reproduced from classic designs inspired by the likes of Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Knoll, and other remarkable innovators of the modern era. Challenged to unclutter life by focusing on quality and detail, our dedication to artisanal-level craftsmanship and use of the highest quality materials reflect the essence of minimalist design and remains at the heart of our company's mission.

Our relentless passion and innovation has led us to the creation of our own exclusive modern Nordic Kure Collection for both furniture and accessories. With new designs, our integrated sustainability practices and dash of personality demonstrate who we are and what we do best today. Rove Concepts caters to the curious mind inspiring a collective of creative individuals to take pride in the spaces we live in. 

Our Brands

Rove Concepts Collection

The Rove Concepts Collection is the leading mid-century modern reproduction line in North America. Precision and stringent quality control allow us to craft iconic pieces to remarkable recreation, maintaining our integrity to classic design. Because each piece is individually hand crafted, customization increases the value of each product. Rove uses materials that are environmentally sustainable and built from the highest quality to create furniture approved by designers and architects throughout. 

Kure Collection by Rove Concepts

Kure is a modern Nordic collection that features simple and space conscious design. Inspired by functional Scandinavian style, the Kure collection is designed with minimal decoration to achieve modest elegance. Furniture from the Kure collection is sustainably crafted with solid American oak and is one of the first in North America to use non-toxic MDF powder coating. Accessories made with concrete, copper, metal and wood accents complement the exclusive collection by Rove Concepts. 

Our Workshops

Old world craftsmanship, new world technology. Rove Concepts works with traditional artisans using Grade A machinery to perfect our furniture and accessories.

Our Facilities
Our Facilities

Materials are hand-picked and handled under stringent quality control. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our solid wood is measured and cut to exact geometric measurements and profiled for clean edges. After applying intense heat, our metals are molded with acute accuracy and our ceramics are carefully tapped to remove air and left to dry for up to 336 hours. Delicate materials have one chance to be crafted to perfection; our imported marble is diamond cut with gentle hands and our fine leathers are hand-stitched without mistake.

We trust our partners to craft the highest quality furniture and accessories, with unwavering dedication and integrity to design, the environment, and our community.

For a closer look inside our facilities, see Humans of Rove.


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