Saarinen Tulip Table - Lacquer - Various Sizes

Inspired by Eero Saarinen
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Product Story

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table collection was an exercise in form that produced some of the most recognizable shapes in modern furniture design. The single stem eliminated Saarinen’s concern over the “slum of legs” that he considered many of the tables and chairs of his time to have. This sculptured, organic design has been realized from a number of different materials over the last 50 years or so as technologies have changed, culminating in the Eero Saarinen Lacquer Tulip Tables. With their iconic stems resembling both the tulip and a wineglass, these luxurious unified products inspire a sense of romance and class. Available in a variety of sizes, these pieces adapt to any interior and are especially striking when paired with the Eero Saarinen Tulip Chairs.

Details & Specs

This premium Rove Concepts reproduction features:
  • White or Black lacquer top with a "satin" finish
  • This product uses First and Seconds (FAS) grade American Timber. FAS boards are certified to be only the best cuts from the log, and are sourced exclusively from the USA and Canada.
  • Table top shape: ROUND
  • Edge is smooth and beveled, true to the original
  • Base is made of cast Aluminum and undergoes a 5 step powder coating process to create the best look possible and minimize chipping
  • Base is available in white or black
  • Assembly Required
  • Please note dimensions may vary by approximately 0.5"

This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.

Standard Dimensions

39.5 in x 39.5 in x 29 in (Width x Depth x Height)

Additional Dimensions

39.5 in x 39.5 in x 28.5 in - (40" Size, Black Lacquer Veneer, Black Base Options)
39.5 in x 39.5 in x 28.5 in - (40" Size, White Lacquer Veneer, Black Base Options)
47.25 in x 47.25 in x 28.5 in - (48" Size, Black Lacquer Veneer, Black Base Options)
47.25 in x 47.25 in x 28.5 in - (48" Size, White Lacquer Veneer, Black Base Options)
39.5 in x 39.5 in x 28.5 in - (40" Size, Black Lacquer Veneer, White Base Options)
39.5 in x 39.5 in x 28.5 in - (40" Size, White Lacquer Veneer, White Base Options)
47.25 in x 47.25 in x 28.5 in - (48" Size, Black Lacquer Veneer, White Base Options)
47.25 in x 47.25 in x 28.5 in - (48" Size, White Lacquer Veneer, White Base Options)

The Designer

Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen

To his detriment or benefit, Finnish American designer Eero Saarinen was famous for his flexible style. He believed that his clients were “co-creators,” which led him to adjust his approach to design according to what they wanted instead of strictly adhering to his aesthetic. Despite the criticism this led to, he remains one of the most well-known designers of the mid-century period. 

Saarinen’s architectural and product design style varied from pared-down, curving silhouettes to cold rationalism. His work was present from bomb disassembly manuals to Time magazine to countless editorials. 

He used his sculpture and architecture training to make some of the most recognizable modern pieces, such as the Tulip Table series. Saarinen was a leader of his time. 

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Customers Reviews

I absolutely love this

allison - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I absolutely love this Lacquer table! Rove Concepts ?customer service was very helpful and knowledgeable! The table arrived very quickly, It was also easy to assemble! Overall, it is a great table. It is very cute, sleek and stylish!

Be prepared-the wait is longer than they say

hobbsconway - Verified Buyer - (3/5)
I placed an order in November for this table when they said they had the configuration in stock. I kept an eye on my order and get status showed a ship date of Dec 6. When I called, they said that December 6 was their ship date, not mine. Hmm ok. I thought it was in stock. She said it came early and should be shipped soon. Waited 2 weeks, spoke to someone who said that this was really popular and it takes time to get the shipment in and get it checked and shipped out. When I mentioned that it was in stock when I ordered it, she said I was mistaken. No, uh, I'm not mistaken, it was the reason I ordered it. She said it would be shipped soon. Waited 3 weeks, and it was shipped, but the shipping company they use takes about a week to pick up the shipment and another 3 weeks to get it to your house...and this is an express shipment! If you order from these guys, expect to wait months for an express shipment that is supposedly "in stock".

48 Tulip Table

angelaroberts - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
We received our table exactly on the day it was projected. We were able to follow the tracking all the way to the Nashville airport. Then we were called by delivery company. They were early. We were thrilled that we had no problems. The table is EXACTLY the quality we expected. It looks perfect in our new kitchen at a bay window. I searched the internet vigorously to get the best reproduction. We had ordered a tulip table from another company and it came very damaged. We sent it back and decided to go with Rove Concepts. We are very happy. If you're trying to save a few dollars by ordering an inferior table, do not. Rove Concepts makes a very high quality table and it's worth the money.

Saarinen Tulip Table - Quality Reproduction

clobel - Verified Buyer - (4/5)
I really like the look of this table & it is probably the best of the unauthorized reproductions. Faithful to the design & excellent quality. The table did not have assembly instructions. Not difficult to assemble but nonetheless assembly instructions should always be included to avoid mistakes & frustration & time delay.

Very Pleased

strandedtogether - Verified Buyer - (5/5)
I purchased the 40" diameter table primarily as a card/game table and didn't want to spend extra $ on an original. I'm very pleased with the construction of this table, very stable and easy to assemble. My order took 2 weeks for delivery. I'm super pleased with this purchase!

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