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Great product cannot wait to receive…

Great product cannot wait to receive it...but the website and the functionality really needs some help. Site is so slow and images are messed up on many of the pages. Really takes a lot of patience and persistence to proceed through to checkout
3 days 21 hours

We had a delay with our initial Rove…

We had a delay with our initial Rove order, but rove was excellent and we received a larger voucher to compensate us, which we very much appreciated. We’re very happy with our dining chair, and will definitely be ordering more furniture
3 days 21 hours

Love the items but took a long time to…

Love the items but took a long time to ship. Also one of the bedside tables was missing parts required to install the legs.
3 days 22 hours

The website was super easy to navigate…

The website was super easy to navigate not to mention I was able to virtually see the piece in my specific room. Loved it can’t wait for them to arrive!
3 days 22 hours

Good Product Fair Customer Service

The product was great, but the customer service was only fair. You can only communicate with customer service through email. If something is damaged they want you to keep it and will give you a discount. Shipping items back is almost the cost of the item maybe more.
3 days 23 hours

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service
3 days 23 hours

Looking forward to getting these highly…

Looking forward to getting these highly rated outdoor dining chairs. However, it was difficult to get anyone from Rove Concepts to call me to try to place the order over the phone. I had some questions that I would have liked to have been answered prior to ordering.
3 days 23 hours

good quality and design

good quality and design, just the waiting time is a little bit too long.
4 days 22 min

I like the productI like the product

I like the product
4 days 24 min

Super excited about my couch I ordered

Super excited about my couch I ordered! I chatted with an associate to learn more about shipping dates and. she was very helpful.
4 days 31 min

One of the items in our order was…

One of the items in our order was incorrect. Rove team rectified the situation and delivered the correct piece. Item looks as described. Happy customer
4 days 1 hour

easy to navigate

easy to navigate
4 days 1 hour

Love the design of Rove Concepts

Love the design of Rove Concepts, we have bought counter stools, dining chairs, and a TV stand from RC and they all looked beautiful and matched well with our home. The only thing I would complain about is the shipping, it is expensive and not to mention if you buy something wrong, you have to pay double the shipping for return and get nothing. I would love to see how RC tries to reduce its shipping cost in the future so that its products are more accessible. As a customer, make sure you pick the right color otherwise it would be very frustrating to return.
4 days 1 hour

Thanks for a minimal yet meaningful…

Thanks for a minimal yet meaningful purchasing experience.
4 days 2 hours

Easy and helpful store rep

Easy and helpful store rep. Great marketing online to find us the piece we wants.
4 days 3 hours

Rove's sales team was excellent in…

Rove's sales team was excellent in communication and helped me process my order efficiently
4 days 22 hours

I can't get enough of Rove furniture!

This is my third order with Rove Concepts and I had an excellent experience as always, I can't get enough of what they sell, I want to buy everything! I have purchased from Rove my dining table and chairs, sectional sofa and now the counter stools. I highly recommend it.
4 days 23 hours

suggesting a phone number

over all it was an easy experience but I would really appreciate if there was a phone number to reach if I had any questions. Since everything is over the chat and not everything is answered properly, it would be great to talk to a person over the phone.
5 days 3 hours

noah sectional

Product was expensive but well worth it. Excellent website and buying process.
5 days 3 hours

Easy and Quick Process

We had an easy time selecting our product. It was nice to navigate the site and the process of becoming a member was seamless. We can't wait to get our sectional!
5 days 5 hours

I made an order 1 day ago and the…

I made an order 1 day ago and the website is user-friendly. Looking for my order.
5 days 6 hours

My first order from Rove Concepts

I had a great experience with ordering my first product (Winston dining table) from Rove Concepts. The Host program, where they match you up with a customer who has bought the same item you are considering, was very helpful. I was able to ask the host specific questions and get honest feedback. Rove Concepts seems to be a very customer-friendly company.
5 days 6 hours

Very simple ordering process and got a…

Very simple ordering process and got a grest deal by being a member...can't wait to see my order inside our new place!
5 days 7 hours

Because Tomorrow it too late

I'm sitting here on my newly purchased Rove Porter Sectional and loving it! The couch is firm, but very, very comfortable. The height of the seat, and the width arm rest is perfect for setting your laptop on and, well, writing a review! Because we failed the marshmallow test as children we chose to do our order as a warehouse pick up vs waiting three weeks. The pick-up date was 3 days after we put the order in and the guys at the Vancouver warehouse were kind, quick and super helpful loading it into our UHaul. As we drove away with our new couch my wife was already on the Rove website planning our next trip!
5 days 16 hours