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Easy to navigate website

Easy to navigate website
2 hours 16 min

My experience buying online was great

My experience buying online was great, at first I was unaware I could avoid the delivery fee and pick up at the warehouse but I called customer service and was politely informed this option comes up after you put in your payment information. Looking forward to my Hal chairs which were a great deal.
1 day 12 hours

Beautiful products and very prompt service!

Beautiful products and very prompt service! I will shop and recommend this business to all of my friends and family!
2 days 14 hours

We love the furniture we've purchased…

We love the furniture we've purchased at Rove Concepts because it's high quality. My experience buying online from them has been great. I've always had good customer service.
2 days 18 hours

The sectional sofa I ordered looks…

The sectional sofa I ordered looks beautiful. But some disappointment when I discovered that the drill holes in the sofa did not line up correctly with the legs I had to attach. So I had to go to the hardware store to get some parts to "make it work". I would have expected a sofa that was not cheap to be manufactured correctly so that I could easily attach the legs without spending personal time running errands to fix this. I informed customer servicer, and thought they might offer me something (a voucher/credit) for my trouble, but all they said was that it must have been drilled incorrectly - that's it!
2 days 22 hours

Great assortments of some of iconic pcs

Great assortments of some of iconic pieces, easy browsing and purchasing experience, and now looking forward to receiving the product soon. A showroom in NY would be great to get familiar with material, quality and the brand for New Yorkers.
2 days 23 hours

Positive Experience So Far

Positive Experience So Far informative website and good communication with call centre staff
3 days 2 hours

Quality modern furniture

Well made, quality mid century modern furniture that will bring the room together.
3 days 15 hours

Great Customer Service

The product looks great and fit together with no problems, but I want this review to be about customer service in the warehouse. I'm a foolt for not getting the guys name, but whoever he was, he was awesome. The warehouse is a little tricky to find since the address encompasses 2 or 3 with other companies, but this guy saw me waiting at the front door, told me where to go around the side and directed me in backing up my truck to the gate. He moved the forklift with high efficiency getting to my order and brought it out to the loading door. He triple checked that I was getting all of my pieces, and noticed one box wasn't right. I could see him do a double take, and it almost looked like he was just going to sign off on it, but he checked all of the packages (I had 6 total) again and had his team swap out the wrong package. He could have just trusted whoever put them on the pallet together before hand, but he thoroughly went through them one by one to make sure it's right. I know in this day and age internet trolls will say "that's his job," but I wanted someone to know that it did not go unnoticed. Especially since I would have been pretty mad for driving all that way to get the wrong box.
3 days 15 hours

Karla in the LA showroom was fantastic

Karla in the LA showroom was fantastic. Friendly, knowledgeable an helpful. She made purchasing a breeze. I'm looking forward to my sectional and media stand. I'll hold back a star due to the unsophisticated shipping system and cost. $529.00 to Long Beach CA!! I'm 20 miles away from the warehouse . How is it the same shipping price to the east coast? Distance has no factor? Why displeasure your customers on their way out the door? Y'all need to sort that out!
3 days 17 hours

Amazing customer service

Very helpful responsive customer service.
3 days 19 hours

Amazing website and photography

Amazing website and photography. Excellent customer service and the items are all of great quality. Keep up the awesome work Rove Concepts!
3 days 22 hours

Very satisfied!!

I ordered a Marcus Table, Anders Dining Chairs, Joren Nightstands, and a Joren TV Stand, and went with white glove delivery. I am extremely happy with all the pieces I ordered (they are all high-quality and match the mid-century aesthetic I was looking for!), and it was stress-free with the white-glove delivery/installation (well worth the money!!).
4 days 8 hours

Excellent customer service

Customer service at Rove Concepts immediately got back to all my inquiries and were always helpful and engaged in the conversation and any concerns or questions that I had.
4 days 19 hours

So far I've been had a very pleasant…

So far I've been had a very pleasant ordering experience with Rove Concepts. However, there seems to be one area of improvement that I was slightly disappointed in. When I ordered my stool, I did so because Rove was offering a 15% off & a 10% voucher promotion that expired on the 12th. Literally the next day after I ordered, I signed in and noticed that the site was running a flash sale offering 15% off & a 15% voucher. As someone who consults manufacturers and retailers on their promotional discounting for a living, I thought the timing was a bit unfortunate. It not comforting to see a better promotional offer come up the day after the promotional offer that you used expired. It seems your company would get a much better lift on each promotion, and keep customers happier if you optimized the timing of you promotions better. If you would like some help in doing so, please give me a call. My firm could help ensure that customers aren't as disappointment as I was. Ryan Mulligan Clarkston Consulting 1-973-902-9561
4 days 21 hours

Great service, looking forward to receiving my order!

Haven't received my order yet, but the order process was easy, painless and quick. Thanks!
5 days 15 hours

Helpful online staff

The staff has been helpful so far in helping setup my order. We haven’t recieved the items yet but we are looking forward to getting our new dining table!
5 days 18 hours

Porter - smaller than appears and hard as a rock

Check the dimensions because the porter sofa is loooow. It isn't quite the look I was hoping for but I'm adjusting and do actually like it. But it is rock hard. Don't expect to doze off or nap on it. There's also an inperfection in the fabric pattern on mine which is minimal but for custom fabric and the time I waited (3 months) it's a little disappointing.
5 days 20 hours

Easy to find and navigate.

Easy to find and navigate.
5 days 22 hours

Hi this review is for shopping…

Hi this review is for shopping experience only as I haven’t yet received the product. Customer service was great to talk to and eager to help. It was easy to order swatches. Will update once I receive the product.
6 days 12 hours

Super customer service

Super happy with the online ordering and customer service from Rove Concepts. The website is beautiful and easy to navigate, I also love the instant messaging available for answers to all of my questions! Can’t wait til our new sectional arrives:)
6 days 22 hours

I'm super excited about my egg-chair…

I'm super excited about my egg-chair purchase! I was able to customize it and also recieved a 15% discount on the order which makes this chair almost $6,000 less than an original Egg chair from DWR. The quality looks amazing on the website and I'm feeling confident it will be when my chair arrives.
1 week 15 hours

Love these chairs.

Chairs arrived well packaged and in a timely fashion. The chairs are beautiful! Very well made. High quality finish. Look much more expensive than they are.
1 week 2 days

Simple, quick and easy

Simple, quick and easy. That's how we all want to move through life and that was my shopping experience at Rove Concepts.
1 week 3 days