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Terrible Delivery & Customer Service is lacking

I need to start by saying this review is for the most part about the quality of the White Glove Delivery service of my purchase from Rove. I wrote to Customer Service about it but they didn't get back to me. I paid $279 for White Glove Delivery, on top of the purchase price. It's almost 30% of the purchase price on top. I was thinking this would be a premium service. They don't deliver on weekends, I had to stay home from work to receive it, which is not uncommon. This is what I had a problem with: The delivery guys dropped my item - the Lucas TV stand as soon as it was out of the truck, it fell off their trolley. Given, it was a little wet outside from the rain but I couldn’t believe my eyes. The outer packaging was so dirty I didn’t want it inside my apartment, it was covered in black muck. I got dirty traveling up in the elevator with the delivery people and ended up with black marks all over my sweater, which needed drycleaning. Entry wall in my apartment had to get repainted from the dirt on the box. When we arrived at my apartment I asked the delivery people to wipe their feet on the doormat before coming in because it was raining and muddy outside, one of the delivery guys started wiping his shoes on my rug inside the apartment. I was shocked. They left so much foam packaging all over the tv unite and the floor of my apartment. It took me about 30 mins to get it all clean and ready to use. I asked the representatives at Rove Customer Service: What can you do to offer some kind of compensation, or help in this matter? But they never got back to me. The piece of furniture itself is ok. It looks nice but one of the doors is a bit crooked so it's quite annoying to my eyes. May have been from the drop. I imagine the delivery is farmed out to a 3rd party. Still, they are representative of the Rove Brand. Mostly disappointed that the CX department did not bother to reply. I would never purchase again with this company. Save yourself the $$ if you do and DO NOT do white glove delivery. It's such a rip off.
1 day 13 hours

Stunning design and quality

We purchased four walnut Norman counter stools for our kitchen island. Rove communicated beautifully with us regarding the delivery and showed up on time. The “unveiling” of the stools (a/k/a taking them out of the box) was a shock: they were already assembled and were GORGEOUS! They are the perfect height and are sturdy and comfortable. Despite all of the unpacking we were doing at the time, we took a rest on the chairs and could not be more satisfied with our purchase. 10-star review if we could! We’re buying one more too!
3 days 19 hours

Great customer service!

We have gotten many pieces from Rove Concepts in the past year. Quality is mostly what you would expect at this price range, and if it’s not, their customer service team will work with you to correct the issue. Our coffee table arrived with cracks, and their team had a new one on the way to us after a couple days; our dresser arrived with very uneven drawers (sticking out/spacing), and they had a new one sent out to us, too.
4 days 18 hours

I am pretty satisfied with the shopping…

I am pretty satisfied with the shopping experience on the Rove website, everything is smooth and easy to find. Looking forward to shopping again on Rove!
5 days 5 hours

Good products, good service!

The overall experience is great! The products are good, customer service is effective. The only thing is that the shipping time and delivery time is longer than I expected,m. Even though I’m in local area for delivery, it still takes a week for shipping and delivery.
6 days 12 hours

Great shopping experience!

I am pretty satisfied with the shopping experience on the Rove website, everything is smooth and easy to find. Looking forward to shopping again on Rove!
1 week 5 hours

i called a couple of times and everyone…

i called a couple of times and everyone i spoke to was courteous and helpful, thank you
1 week 2 days

Nice table

Good products at a good price
1 week 2 days

Love everything about their products…

Love everything about their products except when it comes to delivery. They took too long to have them schedule their delivery and received multiple Cancelations. Overall great products as always
1 week 2 days

Everything was smooth except there is…

Everything was smooth except there is no easy cancellation button.
1 week 2 days

Luca Sofa, Pastoe sideboard and Aubrey chairs

In September 2019 I purchased the Luca sectional, Aubrey side chairs and the Pastoe sideboard console. The whiteglove delivery was seamless and the set up was great. I absolutely love the sideboard and chairs- amazing quality! My only issue is the Luca sectional, I had read that it was a bit firm however 6 months in it really hasn’t softened up much at all. I love the look of it but unfortunately for me it is really not comfortable, wish I had gone with a sectional that was softer.
1 week 3 days

Wonderful until it came to shipping

Wonderful until it came to shipping. We scheduled two different delivery appointments, then making appt with client to receive. Shipping cancelled and rescheduled twice, making the third appt with the obligation to call before arriving I gave my cell phone number as the new number to call as now it was due to arrive when we are not there. No one called Thankfully my neighbor was there to inspect and receive. This is our first time ordering from Rove and we were hoping we found a perfect match however not sure we want to deal with all of that again.
1 week 4 days

Ordered extra pillows for the porter…

Ordered extra pillows for the porter sofa and arrived shortly after. Very happy.
1 week 4 days

Ordered the whishbone chairs

Ordered the whishbone chairs. Best replica I've seen. Delivery was on time an painless.
1 week 4 days

Womby is Legit!

For anyone interested in the womb chair, Rove's version is AMAZING and you will not be disappointed. It became my instant favorite. Last night my wife suggested we get another one because I keep hogging it. I bought this and really didn't know what to expect, since it was my first purchase from Rove Concepts. After I bought it, I saw some bad reviews around the web, especially Yelp and I got really nervous that I had made the wrong decision. However, as with most things on the web, it's not worth trusting the haters. I mean, I'm a Saarinen fanatic, like I've been in the Arch 150 times, I've sat in all his chairs. I even wanted to name my kid Eero, but my wife said no. Regardless, I don't want to spend 7k on a chair my kids are going to climb all over and spill stuff on, so I thought go with Rove's model instead, then get the original when my kids went to college. However, I honestly don't think you can tell the difference. If you could it would be a princess and pea sort of difference. I only wish they sold womb couches because I think I'd get one of those too. I can't speak to Rove's other products, but I plan on getting another Womb chair soon, and wouldn't hesitate to try a different item. Shipping was very fast, so fast I wasn't ready to see it on my door step. The box is huge, but that's because there is no assembly required, so you need to open box outside and bring chair and ottoman in separately. Also, tearing the box down is a legit task, because it's a strong box. I had to use a saw to break it down, but rather do that than have it arrive damaged. If you're on the fence, then jump over and get this womb, you won't be sorry.
1 week 5 days

Successful bar stool purchase!

The bar stools were by far the best price and quality we were able to find anywhere. For the quantity we had to purchase (6) it was important to have both.
1 week 6 days

The sofa I ordered was well made and…

The sofa I ordered was well made and looked amazing.
2 weeks 5 hours

I absolutely love this sectional

I absolutely love this sectional. Well worth the price. It's light and easy to move around. The fabric (we went for plush weave) is high quality and didn't lose it's shape or color over time. The cushions were a bit too tough in the beginning but softened in about two weeks after we began using them. My favorite feature is that you can easily add new pieces to the original set to create new configurations. Highly recommend!
2 weeks 11 hours

The couch is beautiful

The couch is beautiful, very well made, and incredibly comfortable. I could not be happier. I highly recommend Rove Concepts.
2 weeks 1 day


Really fast and great service !!
2 weeks 1 day

Hunter bed set

I bought a full Hunter set and it not only delivered nicely packacked. it was exceptional quality with proper instructions. I will definitely be buying more from rove concepts. Worth every penny.
2 weeks 1 day


The Sectionals and services are very good.
2 weeks 2 days

Thrilled with the three kitchen counter…

Thrilled with the three kitchen counter chairs, especially with Customer Service's quick response to a previous issue. The replacement is WONDERFUL. Thank you
2 weeks 2 days

Order some Counter Stools They are…

Ordered some Counter Stools. They are fantastic. Great design....packaging was very good. Great overall experience.
2 weeks 2 days