Can you feng shui in your home office?


As feng shui has gained popularity in mainstream culture over the past few years, why not incorporate feng shui into your home office? Rooted in Chinese tradition, feng shui aims to create harmony and balance by arranging objects in your space thoughtfully. Here are some tips for incorporating feng shui into your workspace.

Start with your desk set up


The first step for getting your home office ready is making sure you have a dedicated work desk, having an uncluttered desk in feng shui can represent a stable career. Make sure your desk is at the center or command position, somewhere that you can see the door to the room without being directly in line with the door. 

Opt for a solid desk


When it comes to picking out a desk, opt for a solid and sturdy desk to help you create more stability in your career. You’ll want to make sure it is big enough for you to work comfortably. Avoid desks with a glass top as ideas and projects can energetically fall through and become lost.

Choose a supportive chair 


While it is important to have a chair that aligns with your interior design style you also want to make sure you are choosing an office chair that is comfortable and has a high back. A high back represents support in your work life.

Consider color scheme


The colors you incorporate into your space can impact the overall feel of your space and energy. When crafting an ideal workspace, we recommend following the principles outlined in the feng shui color guide. White embodies mental clarity, productivity, and achievement. Black is often associated with stillness, wisdom, purpose, and quiet contemplation, as well as money and wealth. Earthy browns and neutrals offer a grounding and balancing feeling, alleviating stress and anxiety. Whereas warm, earthy grays infused with some brown indicate helpful people and a sense of calmness.

Need help making a decision?

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