Master the Art of Hosting


Hosting season is here. If you love the idea of entertaining but feel anxious when the time comes to throw your dinner party, we completely understand. Even the most seasoned host needs time to prepare and refine their hosting skills. Here are five tips to help you become a master at hosting.

Clean up your space

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Before you do any decorating first thing you need to do is prep your space. Make sure your home is ready for guests by taking away any clutter and cleaning the space. Think of this as motivation to clean up your space, and as an opportunity to freshen up a room with flowers and unique décor. 

Add your own spin to the party

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Incorporate your own personal touches into every aspect, from the entertainment and ambiance to the food and drinks. The party should mirror the essence of the host.

Don’t take on more than you can handle 

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One surefire way to ensure you’ll be ready for your party is to make a detailed checklist. Making a detailed checklist including tasks like “set the music at a low volume,” “light a scented candle,” and “put fresh flowers in a vase” will help you make sure you’re not missing anything.

Keep it simple

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The point of a party is to bring people together. Try to avoid getting carried away with excessive party favors and activities. There’s no need to stress about having games and activities for your guests unless that’s something you enjoy planning and participating in, and you think your guests will too.

Create a theme

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Whether it’s a garden party or a Hawaiin themed party, have your décor and outfit reflect whatever your theme is. It can be a fun way to get you and your guests excited about the party. Decorate your space with themed centerpieces and tableware to enhance the ambiance.

Need help making a decision?

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Experience our products in the homes of real Rove customers, free of charge. Our Rove Host program connects you with hosts via virtual showroom visits to see our products up close and to help with any questions.




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