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1 day 4 hours

Best Aesthetic + Service

I've just made my first order and had such wonderful customer service! Very patient and helpful with all of my questions. The furniture aesthetic is amazing and I can't wait to see my new Francis Lounger!
1 day 14 hours

Great company, quality products

Easy to nav website. Helpful and responsive customer service. Earned back my membership fee in first order!
1 day 21 hours

A first timer

This is the first time I have shopped on Rove. I joined instantly as I saw what a huge discount I could get. Their turn around time for delivery was great as well. I do wish they had free delivery over a certain amount but other than that they have been great!
1 day 21 hours

Great sectional

Outstanding website Furniture is second to none..
1 day 22 hours

4 stars.

I would have put in all 5 stars, but i couldn’t figure out when my purchase will arrive. It said it would be shipped to the warehouse in November but didn’t say when it would be delivered to my home. I hope the table is as satisfactory as the one in the picture. I’d have to give another review when it is here.
2 days 2 hours

Customer Service Concerns

My client hasn't received their shipment yet, so I can't rate the furniture itself. I had a concern right after placing my order and was unable to reach anyone by telephone or live chat. The phone number provided had a recording that they weren't staffing phones & the live chat feature was never working. I ended up leaving a message to have someone return my call and finally ended up with an email response. Also, I received an email that the items shipped; however, I'm unable to track the status to get an ETA, which is frustrating since I can't keep my client updated. I'm really hoping the quality of the furniture is better than the customer service provided so far.
2 days 6 hours

Simple and easy to place and order

Simple and easy to place and order, log in and get my member discount applied. Wish the pick up and delivery dates where easy to choose and truth full in the dates.
2 days 13 hours

Checking out error

Checking out error, I had to contact Rove for correction.
2 days 23 hours

I’m new to Rove

I’m new to Rove, just placed an order and waiting for it to arrive. So far so good.
3 days 6 hours

High style and quality in furniture easy to buy online

After looking to so many other options for our new home living room, the Modular Sectional Dresden was just the look we were aiming. Through the Rove Concepts website, all the photos and technical information were optimal during our selection process, the View in my Room application and great selections of colours and textures in all the products facilitated to get to our final choice. We requested a few stashes and they arrived no problem, that is a fantastic tool for customers to decide for the final product. Even when the website was so easy to use to find the look we were aiming, on the day we finally were ordering online, it was a try and error situation as the options for orientation were not set up correctly, the Concierge assistance ( Sinead ) was crucial to clarify our order with the left orientation was correct, even though the website was showing it incorrectly. Because the website is not flexible enough to include situations like a delayed delivery ( we need our new Rove furniture to be delivered later on December ), the assistance of Sinead was really appreciated to accommodate all the special requests we had. Overall, the Rove Concept website is really intuitive, all the photographs / videos all of them crucial in our decision process and the added value of the knowledge and great assistance of Sinead our Concierge made our purchase a smooth experience, now, we can not wait to enjoy our Christmas enjoying our Dresden Modular Sectional from Rove.
3 days 15 hours

The customer service at Rove is great

The customer service at Rove is great! I used their online chat service. The agent was quick, professional, and kind. I will definitely be buying from them again!
3 days 19 hours

Desire for Quicker Response Times

Hi, I just became a member on Oct. 10th and placed my first order on the same date. I submitted my first inquiry about standard delivery times on the following day but was surprised to read that your Concierge Team would only be able to respond to a very simple question within 72 hours! Quicker response times to customers is definitely something which Rove Concepts should look to improve. Other than that, without seeing yet the final products, I consider that they will be of high quality, in addition to their nice modern designs.
3 days 19 hours

Very satisfied on my last experience

Very satisfied on my last experience. First time to use voucher of my First experience of June 2021. Good membership program even if I live in Montreal. We would have liked to have lower shipping costs but as of as today we appreciate our Drysden new sectional.
3 days 21 hours

Great furniture and great customer…

Great furniture and great customer service. My question was answered promptly and appropriately :)
3 days 21 hours

I found everything I needed for my new…

I found everything I needed for my new house. The furniture is going to look so good in my room!!! CANT WAIT
3 days 22 hours

I only have eyes for ROVECONCEPTS!

I requested and received samples for a sectional I'm dying to purchase and they not only arrived quickly and looked and felt even more luxurious in person, but triggered a change from my original purchase plans. I've literally spent hours looking for the perfect modular sectional and despite what words I use in the search engine, I end up only liking what RoveConcepts has to offer. I'm so happy I found this site and I can't wait to beautify my home with your products!
4 days 2 hours

Happy with the quality of rove…

Happy with the quality of rove concepts. We gave four stars because of the delivery. The delivery took more than the estimated time and I had to contact the third party company that they use to ship out their products.
4 days 4 hours


Ordering from was a simple, quick and enjoyable process! Thank you Rove!
4 days 4 hours

Nice place to shop furniture

It was to buy an select the furniture I wanted for my bew living room. The AD tool is a plus that made my experience eveb better
4 days 18 hours

the sales team was really helpful with…

the sales team was really helpful with my online questions.
4 days 20 hours

They made it easy to narrow the search…

They made it easy to narrow the search and buy
4 days 20 hours

this is my first order with Rove

this is my first order with Rove I am looking forward to the arrival of my new chairs. the process was seamless
5 days 4 hours

Great product and purchase experience

Great product and purchase experience! Was able to quickly place my order and can't wait to receive my chair!
5 days 4 hours