I don't want to have to figure out how to do a review on your site, so I thought I would send you this and you could be free to use it.
I ordered my Rove Concepts lounge chair and received it in just one week! I was extremely skeptical of the quality, and since I live in Texas I didn't have the opportunity to go to the showroom and inspect the chair. I did my research, and after reading every review on the internet I decided to move forward. I am so glad I did. I literally cannot tell a difference between the chair that was sent to me and the authentic Herman Miller. I am extremely pleased with my chair and the entire experience with Rove Concepts. What stopped me from moving forward with the chair sooner - it took me three months to make the decision - was wondering how a $2,000 chair could be possibly be worth the money since it is still a reproduction, but I can now confidently say it was worth every penny.

Benjamin P Roberts

Elly: I picked up our order at DWS Logistics in Delta, B.C., yesterday, December 22, 2015. As with an earlier Rove order, also picked up at DWS, the process was smooth, and the warehouse staff were helpful in getting the goods loaded into the van. Our PK 31 sofa and chair, in black Palermo leather, are now unpacked and in their intended location around our fireplace. We haven't yet gone over the pieces with a magnifying glass, but we have had a pretty good look at them. Our initial impression is that they are built of very good quality materials, and that all hand work is also of a high quality. A little smoother line along the stitching on the bottom of the arms might be possible. Otherwise, the leatherwork is excellent. The sofa and chair are quite beautiful, and looking at them, one immediately senses the quality of their design, and manufacture. This is our second experience with Rove Concepts, and we are still quite pleased with all aspects of the company, from sales, and manufacture, to the successful shipping of our furniture to their warehouse. We look forward to our next purchase with Rove in the near future. 

Jerry and Lee
Langley BC

I ordered two Barcelona chairs.

I was nervous on several counts: (1) Would we receive items identical to the one examined in the store? (2) Would I communicate in time with the delivery agent? (3) Would the goods arrive in time? (4) Would they arrive undamaged?
I am relieved to report that the answer to all is YES. I was especially impressed by the careful handling by the truck driver and the careful packaging of these delicate items.

Maarten Van Emden

Thank you. The workmanship is beautiful! I did a ton of research and read a rather lengthy thread on houzz! It was your comparison video on houzz and the reviews of your chair that sold it for me! 
Your customer service through email has been top notch! 
Thanks again!

P.S also super impressed with packaging! I was nervous of an issue, having never seen the chair and having it come so far...what if there was damage, ect...but it is perfect!  The shipper was even surprised by how well it was packaged!

Saskatchewan, CA

I just have to tell you guys that I’m loving my Rove Barcelona Daybed!


Hi Victor,

I received the Barcelona bench last week and finally got a chance to assemble it and place it at the foot of my bed. It's gorgeous and PERFECT! Thank you so much!! I will be featuring it on House*Tweaking next week. No doubt, it will go over well with my readers.


Hi Melanie and Dale,
Just want to let you know that we picked up of our order yesterday seamlessly with DWS. Fortunately we didn’t have to unpack the chairs as the 4 boxes fit in our vehicle with room to spare. Consequently, we unpacked the chairs without any damage and had all the necessary screws to put them together. We’re very happy with the chairs and your service. Below is a photo of the chairs now accompanying our Burdick dining table.
Best regards,
Cheryl B
Ladysmith, BC

Cheryl B

Great Product, Exceptional Customer Service!!

I have been shopping at stores like West Elm, CB2, Dot&Bo and Z Gallerie. Today, was single handedly the best furniture buying experience I have ever had, and it was all done over the phone. I had the honor of speaking with a young lady named Elly on the phone, and she was pleasant, she listened to my needs, and provided a solution for something I wanted that I was fearful I had already missed out on. She followed up with me in a timely fashion, and made my purchasing experience a truly memorable one. I cannot thank her enough! It's easy to see that Rove carries an exceptional collection of furniture, but there is definitely more value in their people and how they make their customers feel. A lot of competing brands can learn a lot from their level of customer service. Cheers!



I recently moved to a brand new place and finally had the interest in getting some nice pieces for my place. My family had an Eames Lounge chair so I initially wanted that, but on a trip to Knoll I fell in love with the Saarinen Womb chair.

Unlike other types of items, I wanted a knockoff chair to see if I liked it enough to warrant the real thing one day. So I dove into a month of reading weird forums about the various options, sketchy dealers, unrated ebay sellers and second hand ripoffs.

I even went to a local showroom for a place that is popular on the web called Manhattan Home Design and really didn't like their demeanor and the quality didn't feel right to me.

The only seller who came away mostly unscathed was Rove concepts. Everyone said that they weren't importing the same ones from china everyone else was (all the sub $1000 ones on ebay) , and for a little more money, they had lots more options, reviews and people saying it was quality.

I'll admit, I had a lot of reservations about every step of the process. I am impatient, and even though they had the chair I bought in stock (as opposed to the longer time frame of custom made) I was still nervous. From ordering it took about 4 days to leave the warehouse in Washington State, and about a week later arrived at my local delivery company who was excellent.

Although they are based in Canada, if you are in the US, the shipping comes from a US warehouse so you don't have to deal with customs or anything. Once it gets to your area, they give you the number of a local delivery service. The tracking on the site was great and I called them several times to confirm things and they were always happy to help and helpful. 

I didn't pay the extra $150 for 'white glove' delivery, which they say means removing all packaging and putting it in your home. Instead I slipped the delivery guys some cash and they did the same thing much cheaper. Really nice guys.

So what's it like?

The chair is fully assembled and the legs have screw in feet so you can adjust them to sit well on your floor. They also have a ball swivel and the chair sits very solidly, I'm in it now wiggling with no ability to move it in any direction.

I went and sat in an authentic Knoll Womb chair and really liked the fact that the entire shell is padded as well as covered in cloth. Same thing on the Rove chair, really thick but firm padding that lets you throw your legs over the armrest.

In addition, the chair feels well weighted, and is clearly made very well. All seams are tight and even, the fabric has no blemishes or issues, and the 'ruby cashmere' is very soft and feels sturdy. Its a beautiful deep red that really compliments my wood floors and grey couch.

When I tried the womb chair at Manhattan Home Design, the fabric was itchy and rough, and I was told it would wear out unless I used spray on it. Rove uses a much nicer fabric and the chair generally feels much more substantial and identical to the real thing.

I feel like it is almost too good to be true, I was expecting a little something to be wrong, and Rove really came through for me. At $1600 after shipping and tax, I can honestly say I got exactly what I paid for, and am enjoying the chair already immensely. The chair matches the pictures on their site exactly, which are nearly identical to the real thing as well.

I am writing this review because there are almost no reviews of the Rove womb chair, only the Eames lounge. I wish I had it when I was looking, so hopefully it helps you out!

David Pinke

ROVE Concepts gets a TWO THUMBS UP!.....I just received my Eames Style Lounge Chair and Ottoman today and it is WAY BEYOND comparison to all other models I've seen.   I fly for a major airline and have the luxury of free travel. When it came time to research the highest quality reproduction of the Eames Lounge Chair,  I flew from California to New York and many places in between in hopes of finding a fine reproduction.  Over the course of about 2 1/2 years and looking at many other companies'  reproductions, I visited Rove Concepts.   Their version of this classic is truly the "best of the best".....I've seen them all.........I was hesitant to order untill I flew to Vancouver and visited the showroom and talked with the folks there.   Not only is their product "top-notch", but their Customer Service is STELLAR.  Not once during my visits or online experience did I encounter anyone that wasn't professional, helpful, and willing to answer all of my questions....and believe me, I HAD ALOT!    My chair was a "custom order"  (Walnut w/Modena White) and only took 12 weeks from ordering to delivery.  It was WELL worth the wait!  Many Thanks to Rove Concepts for an incredible piece.  I'll be visitng Rove Concepts again in the near future to check out the Florence Knoll Style Sofa!     Many Thanks,     Phillip C. Abel, Englewood Colorado, USA

Phillip C. Abel
Colorado, USA

Our Eames chair arrived on Monday, December 15 and it is everything you said it would be.  It’s beautiful and appears to be very well built.  It was worth the wait even with the two delays we experienced.  For the record, the delivery service was excellent, delivered when they said it would be, they even unwrapped it for us. We are very pleased with both the product and the delivery service. 
The delays, while disappointing at the time, seem a much smaller issue now. We would not hesitate to do business with you again.
Thanks again for your service,
Larry and Mary

Larry and Mary

All items I've ordered have been "in stock" items and have arrived in perfect condition on both occasions.  The negative reviews I read on here are borderline ridiculous, as if none of the reviewers read through the ordering process, or are just unhappy people in general.  The Barcelona chairs look great in our reception area and the Eames lounge is of exceptionally better quality and build than I expected for a "knockoff" piece.  
I needed some other furniture pieces to complete the office on a quick timeline and had to order from another supplier, who has great customer service and very diligent employees from my experience, but the quality just isn't even close (if you want the name you can contact me directly, I have no reason to include it in this review).  I can't tell my Barcelona and Eames lounge are from China from the leather quality and craftsmanship, but I sure can tell the Corbusier chairs and couches are, not to mention the tulip chairs in our kitchen are laughable.  

So pick 2 out of 3, affordable, short lead time/delivery and good quality.  

I wouldn't order from another reproduction company over Rove moving forward.  


Chris L
Boulder, CO USA

I was researching the internet for a quality reproduction Saarrinen table for a friend's new apartment and found Rover Concepts. I tend to be wary of "knock offs" as they often turn out to be poorly manufactured products. After looking at many options— and, of course, at Ikea's model—Rove Concepts, although its version of the tulip table was pricer, the company had good reviews and also seemed trustworthy. 

The risk of buying a large table "sight unseen" over the web was overcome by a desire for (by many accounts) a quality reproduction than closely resembled the original. My friend ordered the round 40" tulip table with a Carrera white marble top. I can say, without reservation, that the quality of this table is fantastic. The powder coating on the base is even, its shape is flawless, and the marble top is subtly veined and smooth. 

The service was amazing by Rove Concept's sales people, Elly and James. Elly and James facilitated the sale beautifully and really made purchasing a piece of furniture from an online company seamless. 
Can't say this enough: truly impeccable customer service by well-trained knowledgable people.  I would highly recommend Rove Concepts as a source for reproduction classic modern  furniture. 

Riverdale Toronto

Wanted to send you guys a picture of our custom order Wegner Shell Chair.  It looks beautiful in our shop and we have had so many compliments already, well worth the wait!  

I appreciate all the time you guys took in showing me all the wooden veneer colors and sending swatches to me.  The experience with you guys have been great.  Happy New Years!

Jennifer Wilkins

hi matt! the chair and ottomon are so beautiful and well-made. i am a very picky shopper and you have met and exceeded my hopes for this purchase. i am so excited by my chair and ottoman as they really pull  the room together. i have sat in original, vintage barcelona chairs and your chair  is on par with them.  i thought long and hard before buying a barcelona chair and your leather options and customer service are what ultimately won me over. i'm already thinking of buying another.

feel free to use my words in your site, or if you want me to leave them somewhere let me know.

see my living room now - so boss! can't see the cowhide pillow well on the chair - this leather looks so great with that, which is what i wanted. :)

Rebecca Taylor

I have wanted an Eames Lounger for 25 years without knowing that is what it was.  My parents had one that I had spent pleasant hours in.  Don't remember how, but I learned that it was a Herman Miller Eames Lounger.  So I looked it up on the internet.
Found that there was the Herman Miller priced at $4K+ and about a half dozen copies priced from cheap to about half the price of an original.  Researched the copies and narrowed it down to two possibilities.  But Rove (the most expensive of the copies) looked the best.  Requested and received detailed photos of even the small details and was convinced to try one.  I used my son as a guinea pig and bought him one for Christmas.  It is quite good.
If you can spend the price of the original for a lounger without wincing, do it and forget about Rove.  There is a very small difference in the quality of the standard leather--though it shouldn't affect the longevity or comfort of the chair.  There may be other subtle differences, but I would have to have them side-by-side to find them.  And Rove sells the rosewood version at the same price as walnut.  What impressed me is that Rove did not get to be nearly identical to the original without paying a lot of attention to the detail of every part and type of material that goes into the chair.  It is not a half hearted effort to profit on an iconic piece of furniture.  They promise to deliver a faithful reproduction and they have.
You won't go wrong (though you might spend too much) buying the Herman Miller.  But . . . 
I'll buy mine from Rove.

Tagg Y.

I received the Barcelona chair and ottoman yesterday - super quick, considering they traveled from coast to coast!  They are great!  So comfortable and an amazing design.

David Weir
Newfoundland, Canada

Hi Elly 
Here are a couple of photos of the Nelson Bench. It was very easily assembled and the quality of the piece is excellent. I think it looks perfect in the room and works really well with the chair where we placed it. The bench is a classic piece of mid-century design but it's also very functional as well as beautiful. It's often covered with our latest books and magazines! Ordering the bench through Rove on sale and getting some additional information from you that we needed before ordering just added to the positive experience. Thanks again.

Phil Cheffins
Maple Bay, B

After a lot of research and a lot of hesitation, finally ordered the Eames chair and ottoman. Received it five days after ordering (and I’m on the US east coast). Excellent quality, easy to assemble, and reasonably priced. In short I’ve very happy with the piece. Will happily recommend Rove Concepts and do business with them again (assuming the world doesn’t end on 12.21.12).

Thanks for the quality product and service.

Just to prove I don’t work for the company:  Imperfections? Sure, I can pick a few nits, but really really have to look hard to find them and I would expect to see the same on the original cause nothing is perfect. Just to provide feedback to quality control, there was a minor leather defect here and there, the finish on the upper back piece is a little rough and could have used another few passes of steel wool and urethane. The bolts which attach the armrests were a tad hard to put in.



I just wanted to let you know that I received my 2 Barcelona chairs yesterday.  After much research I decided to take a chance and pay more for the chairs than others I found on the Internet. It was a very big decision and purchase for me. 

I want you to know that I could not be happier with them.  The leather is exquisite and the craftsmanship is superb. There is not one single thing that is not perfection including the care in which they were packaged.  

It has truly been a pleasure to purchase from someone who takes this much pride in their product.  It is refreshing and I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you,
Cary Lumley

Carly Lumley

Dear Faye, Matthew et al at Rove,

My chairs arrived today and they are marvelous.  I'm impressed with the quality of the material and the attention to every detail - i.e. the construction of the buckles and snaps to hold the cushions in place -- and the inclusion of white cotton gloves.  All this in addition to customer service that customers dream about.  Thanks ever so much -- I'll be spreading the word that Rove is tops!  AK

Arlen Kane

Hi to everyone at Rove!     
Just to let you know that my new Florence Knoll love seat arrived safely on Monday.  It's gorgeous, and perfect for my little summer house.  You're a wonderful resource, and so concerned.  It's greatly appreciated. 
Best, Wendy Aronson 

Wendy A.

Ordering form Rove concepts was a great experience. Had lots of pre-sale questions and they were answered very informatively. I ordered a Barcelona chair and ottoman in anilene leather. The chair was packed really well and was protected completely during transit. Only took a week to arrive from Vancouver. The chair itself is a very good quality reproduction and the workmanship and finish are great. Very pleased.

Chris S

Dear Elly- I'm just writing to you to say Thank You so much for your excellent service and chair. We were so impressed not only by the craftsmanship and quality of the Eames Lounge Chair but by all the care and service you and your associates have provided. We spoke to Ariel yesterday concerning "taking apart" the chair in case something had to be tightened. She was so well informed and got back to us immediately. I guess in this country we're not used to this kind of service. Is there someplace that we can send a complimentary letter or recommendation for you and your company? We will definitely use your company in the future. Thanks again.
Very Sincerely

Joyce & Marty Levinstein

Joyce & Marty Levinstein

Thank you Matthew.  I also want you to know that we love the chair and we get many, many compliments on the patina of the leather.  My son has two "cheap" knockoffs ($700 each) and there is no comparison in the materials or the construction.

Danny K

The chair arrived and I’m just delighted. The quality wasn’t what I was hoping for  – it was BETTER. The packing was done so well…not a scratch on the chair.
I just wanted to say THANKS!  You’ve made a convert…and I’m a pretty good evangelist when something exceeds my expectations.  Lastly, your customer service was exceptional…sooo appreciated.
Thanks again,
- Ryan


Hey Matthew,
Here's the picture of the LC4 in it's new home with a view!

Client and I both love it!
Great quality. Well done!
I will continue to order from Rove with confidence.
Thank you, 
Jana Dahl-Schoenhoft

Jana Dahl-Schoenhoft

Wow! is all I can say. The Barcelona chairs are quality all the way. Thanks!

Brad M

This chair was my second purchase from Rove. I previously bought the Knoll sofa. Both pieces were flawless. Specifically to the chair though, everything you'd want to be there when purchasing an Eames reproduction is there. The tufting in the cushions, the thinner armrests, the sturdiness and confidence when you plop into it, all there. The veneer looks and feels wonderful. EVERYTHING feels right.
I've only had it a week and feel like it will last thousands more. I bought a separate repro a year earlier and while it was nice it wasn't perfect. I'm not much to write on-line reviews, I hardly even leave feedback on my E-bay purchases. I felt compelled to right a review though as this company has done it right. I've even thought to do a comparison video between my two loungers because none seem readily available. But like I said, I'm not much for internet reviews so this post will suffice for now. Props to the staff of Rove, I'm saving paper for the PK31 now.


Greg Dunsmoor

The table arrived today, attached is a quick snapshot of it in my office.  The piece looks stunning, the Carrera marble is well balanced, perfect veining and whiteness.  I was able to assemble this with the help of my assistant.  I will be placing another order as soon as the renovations are finished!

Peter Ramsey