Creating a design-forward home

A refined home helps us feel grounded and focused while hectic city life can distract us from who we really are. Clean, minimalist design makes a statement that can provide the perfect backdrop to our busy lives, as this type of interior design tends to showcase space rather than things. While you watch our newest Design Series video, observe your current space and find ways to incorporate our design tips while we transform a luxury upscale apartment into a contemporary home which is the perfect balance between refinement and intimate.

"Textures can elevate and modernize any space."

"Creating a design-forward home."

Focus on clean minimalist design.

Make a statement by showcasing space rather than things with simplistic and linear design.

Contrast is essential for styling.

Incorporate warmer tones with wood or other textured materials to add depth.

Use texture deliberately.

Marble, wood, lacquer, and brass feel different when placed away from one another but together create a cohesive space.

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